Utility Supply Group

(Dec. 6, 2018) — The guest this week is Wade Elliott, who is the president of Utility Supply Group in Kingston, Wash. He is also heavily involved in the KOA Care Camps program. He comes on the show to explain what Care Camps is all about, and describe the impact it has not only on campers, but the people who serve them. He explains how all of us can participate in the program to bring magical healing experiences to kids battling cancer.

(May 15, 2018) — Elliott said many campgrounds remain “woefully underpowered” and need to update their electrical equipment, particularly those that are not members of state or national campground industry associations or major franchise chains.

(Feb. 4, 2016) — Wade Elliott, the president of Utility Supply Group, talks about a trend in which campgrounds are installing meters and then billing RVers for the electricity they use, and why it will impact daily and weekend campers within a few years. He also addresses some of the problems people complain about regarding campground electricity, and closes by talking about Care Camps, a group he’s involved in that sends sick kids to camp each summer.

(Jan. 8, 2015) — Wade Elliott of Utility Supply Group has received the Stan Martin Memorial award, the highest honor bestowed upon an individual in the campground industry.


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