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(Oct. 2, 2018) — I’ve spent the afternoon starting the packing process… James, Mel and I will be on the road all month so packing is a little more involved than the shorter trips. And boy oh boy I can’t wait to go; we haven’t busted out Lance all month, so I’m suffering a little wanderlust fever.

(Sept. 27, 2018) — I don’t know what’s up, but it seems like everyone around me right now is recovering from an injury, no joke. I’m to the point where I’m wondering if I’m jinxing everyone because if I ask the question “how’s the exercise going”, sure enough I get an injury story.

(Sept. 11, 2018) — Besides being a personal trainer and running coach, I’ve also been a runner myself for my entire adult life. Through time, experience, and hard lessons learned, I’ve created my own arsenal of gear to keep myself safe whenever I’m out running, fitness-walking, hiking, and biking, too.

(Aug. 9, 2018) — We’re back in Utah after attending Winnebago’s annual RV Rallypalooza (it’s really called GNR but my name’s cooler); what a whirlwind! I won’t bore you with what a crazy great time we had, but gadzunks gang,

(April 25, 2018) — If you’re not familiar with Sea Otter, it’s the nation’s biggest cycling festival held annually in the gorgeous Laguna Seca Recreation Area; the rolling hill country just outside of Monterey, California.

(March 28, 2018) — This is another really long RV review, but we are reviewing the whole coach as new. And this is not just a review of Winnebago’s lithium Pure3 Energy Management System.

(March 14, 2018) — Stef and I were asked by Winnebago to come speak at their dealer educational conference, “Winnebago Redefined”. They wanted us to provide insight and perspective on non-traditional RVers; a topic we’re pretty well versed in, considering the majority of our FitRV followers are non-traditionals.

(Aug. 16, 2017) — We don’t nearly cover it all – but we picked our favorites and made this video when we were visiting Advanced RV last month to have them work on our own RV, Lance.

(Aug. 2, 2017) — First things first: We just had VB Air Suspension installed in our ProMaster RV at Advanced RV, and we’re flat out loving it.

(April 12, 2017) — Everyone talks about happiness these days, especially as a goal for how we should be living. It’s that dangling carrot just ahead…and we’re supposed to be perpetually reaching for it. But the problem with happiness as a goal is that when we don’t live up to our own unrealistic notions of happiness, it affects us.

(March 29, 2017) — I tried to like our RV’s fridge. Really, I did. I even went so far as to cut the door down to make it less ridiculous. In the end though, I just couldn’t make myself love absorption refrigeration, and that sealed this refrigerator’s fate.


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