If enacted, electronics right to repair legislation could place the burden on RV manufacturers to provide information, parts and tools to consumers and independent repair shops for every product in an RV that has embedded electronics.

“Appealing to new population segments requires a total makeover,” said Curtin. “That includes everything from the initial contact with customers, to a new adaptive selling environment, to innovations in shared ownership.”

Award winning host, Alan Taylor, a 30-year broadcast veteran and automobile aficionado, will be interviewing entrepreneurs, inspirational speakers, marketers and strategists, as well as RV industry executives and thought-leaders.

The RV Industry Association’s January survey of manufacturers found that total RV shipments ended the month with 25,540 wholesale shipments, a decrease of (-39.8%) from the 42,441 units shipped last January.

The 90-minute presentation is designed to provide RV dealers and manufacturers with practical strategies and techniques to prevent consumer litigation by solving their customer’s problems more quickly and efficiently.

After a successful event in 2017 in which the entire industry came together to support each other and honor the brands promoted by this $50 billion industry, the RV Industry Awards are scheduled to return at 6:30 p.m. March 14, at the Depot in Salt Lake City.

To help RV businesses recruit the right people, RVX: The RV Experience will be featuring a session on the latest human resource trends that can positively impact a business and staff. RVX will also feature professional HR advice appointments.

“Whether you’re thinking about selling your dealership to a third party, passing the business along to the next generation, or stepping out and having key employees run it for you, this is the session for you,” said Betts.

Through the app, attendees can check out the list of nearly 400 exhibitors, review the floorplan and map out their RVX journey right in the palm of their hand, the release noted.

Spader has worked with individual businesses in a variety of industries around the world as a small business management resource provider and Spader 20 Group facilitator. He has also consulted and worked with associations and manufacturers.

As the former chief marketing officer at Beats by Dre, Omar Johnson helped take the company from $120 million to a $1.1 billion-dollar global icon and category leader, becoming the No. 1 premium headphone in North America and much of the rest of the world.

March 13 from 1 to 1:30 p.m., Jill Nickels will review top trends in retail design that enhance the buying experience consumers are looking for as they make the decision to purchase an RV.

RVers regularly drive down National Scenic Byways, like Historic Route 66, Skyline Drive, or the Blue Ridge Parkway. National Scenic Byways are some of the most beautiful roads in the country, however, Congress stopped funding the program in 2012, RVIA noted.

Combining digital and traditional ads with RV dealer point-of-purchase materials and public relations, the local tie-ins will amplify the message and further increase consumer awareness, RVIA noted.

The RV Industry Association, along with other members of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, are advocating for these reforms on Capitol Hill, but the group needs people to urge their senators to cosponsor S.47 and include the Recreation Not Red-Tape Act (RNR) in this legislative package.

According to reports from large and small manufacturers exhibiting at the event, some brands have been working on concepts for over three years and the companies are excited to finally show them off to dealers at RVX.

The vision of the alliance is to elevate the roles and contributions women make to the RV Industry by promoting diversity and providing programs, resources and a collaborative environment, said Carpenter.

“Having such and amazing group of talent creating a real difference in their organizations means the future is very bright for our growing industry,” said Crawford.

Wholesale shipments ended 2018 with 483,672 units, down -4.1% compared to the 504,599 units in 2017. However, the shipment total for 2018 was still the second highest on comparable record.

“This is a showcase of what the industry is destined to become, and the industry’s leaders have some new and exciting ways to display their latest products,” said Crawford.


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