(July 7, 2017) — A couple of weeks ago we were finishing up in Vienna and the forecast looked ominous – hot weather down in the Danube valley. We needed to head for the hills if we were going to be comfortable

(July 6, 2017) — We depend on the Internet to do our jobs while we are living in our RV and we rely on a cellular signal booster to make sure we have the optimum connectivity.

(July 5, 2017) — We love river drives, especially on the big rivers of the Midwest. They’re dotted with cities and small towns, and their long tenure as transportation corridors means they’re full of history and great stories.

(July 4, 2017) — One of the nice things about having a Class B motorhome is mobility. You don’t have to tow a car behind you when you set out on your RV adventures.

(June 28, 2017) — As we’ve been traveling across America this week, we’ve encountered a lot of people doing the same thing – but by automobile.

(June 21, 2017) — This week in our interview of the week, we meet Alicia Crabbe, a retired woman and solo traveler who is living her dream as a guide and naturalist, leading people on hikes and wilderness experiences for an organization known as Road Scholar, which is a not for profit group dedicated to providing educational travel.

(June 20, 2017) — First of all, you don’t need a clean outfit for every day. Which means you don’t need as many clothes as you probably think.

(June 19, 2017) — If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky while on a camping or RV trip and marveled at the beauty of the universe, you know how hard it is to find places where light pollution hasn’t limited night sky visibility.

(June 16, 2017) — I can honestly say that Rochester, Minn., and the world famous Mayo Clinic was NOT even on our serendipity plans for this trip.

(June 12, 2017) — It was a holiday weekend and traffic was heavy. We had no desire to join the rush up I-65 toward Louisville. Plus we didn’t need to be home until noon the following day.

(June 8, 2017) — Lots of RVers like to take their pets with them while travelling, but that creates a lot of opportunity for our animals to get lost, one way or another.

(June 7, 2017) — “What is wrong? My battery was low, so I turned on my generator, and 20 minutes later the battery was full, so I turned off the generator. But 20 minutes later my battery is low again!”

(June 6, 2017) — It’s a common theme we see in the news and as Jennifer and I travel North America in our RV – people are getting just too darn close to wildlife. Believe it or not, that includes bears.

(June 2, 2017) — Our brand new RV is…. just like our previous RV! Jennifer and I and Bo drove our 2015 Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL to our friends at American RV in Grand Rapids, MI yesterday to trade it in and pick up a 2017 Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL.

(May 30, 2017) — They say that up to 20 percent of all RVers are solo travelers, many of them single women who find fun, friends and great adventure out on the road

(May 26, 2017) — RV closets are dimly-lit spaces jam-packed with clothes. And the smaller the RV, the more packed the closet.

(May 25, 2017) — Big Bend National Park lives up to its name. There are three entrances and as we were coming northwest from Padre Island, we used the north entrance by turning southward at Marathon on Texas Rt.90. The eighty-nine-mile drive to the Village Campground in the park held many changes in vegetation and terrain. It was nothing short of beautiful.

(May 24, 2017) — This year is a big one for Canada as it celebrates its sesquicentennial, and our neighbors to the north have made it particularly attractive for RVers.with free access to Canada’s amazing National Parks all year, no matter where you’re from, Canada, U.S., or anywhere else.

(May 23, 2017) — The Sunlight V1 is a brand new Class B, made in Canada by the Erwin Hymer Group of North America, the corporate owners of the Roadtrek Class B motorhomes.

(May 22, 2017) — One thing France and Spain have that we don’t back in the states are municipal aires du camping. “Aires” is the French word for rest stop, like you have on the highway, and they have plenty of those, but they also have these municipally sponsored aires – bare-bones camping facilities for people traveling through, designed to encourage folks to stay a while and maybe spend some money with the local merchants.


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