(Oct. 29, 2018) — Roadmaster Inc. has announced its next Dealer Training Day, to be held at its corporate headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, December 5-6.

(July 12, 2018) — “FitMaster is a visual representation of all the towing components for any vehicle, in one easy-to-print form, along with the part numbers,” said Keri Sprenger, Roadmaster.

(May 11, 2018) — Comfort Ride shock absorbers and leaf springs by Roadmaster cut road energy transmission by up to half.

(Nov. 16, 2017) — Just about every fiscal quarter, Roadmaster schedules in-depth training seminars on its constantly-expanding range of RV aftermarket and suspension products.

(June 2, 2017) — Roadmaster’s factory representative for Texas, Randy Ramey, has expanded his territory to include Oklahoma, the company announced today.

(May 2, 2017) — “Mark is a key addition to the Roadmaster sales team,” said Jerry A. Edwards, president of Roadmaster. “He brings with him 20 years of industry-specific sales experience along with an irrepressible, engaging attitude.”

(March 31, 2017) — Roadmaster today introduced the Nighthawk, a non-binding, aluminum alloy tow bar incorporating a jaw-dropping design with embedded LED lights, the company announced.

(Nov. 24, 2016) — Jerry Edwards, founder of Roadmaster, is a natural entrepreneur. Even in high school, he knew he was destined to own a business. The holder of 14 U.S. patents, he says machines don’t make money, people do.

(April 29, 2016) — Podcast 90 starts with host Greg Gerber reading an email he received and a Facebook post he saw this week complaining about product quality of RVs. Then he interviews David Robinson, Roadmaster’s director of marketing, about the company and its commitment to product quality. They discuss a tour of the facility where products are designed and built in America, and what the company is doing to stay ahead of the constantly evolving RV and automotive industries. Robinson talks about what Roadmaster is doing to help dealers better serve people who want to tow vehicles and other equipment behind their RVs, and enjoy a better, more comfortable driving experience.

(March 28, 2016) — The major advantage of a bulb and socket kit is that it bypasses the towed vehicle’s electrical system, which eliminates the concern of interacting with any vehicle electronics.

(Feb. 11, 2016) — If you’d like to learn more about how to sell or install Roadmaster products, opportunity is knocking. The first 20 people to register for the next factory training will learn about Roadmaster products from the people who make them, a release from the company stated.

(Jan. 26, 2016) — The kits use a system of diodes to allow the towed vehicle to accept the motorhome’s taillight, brake light and turn signals while preventing electrical feedback and the damage it can cause to both vehicles’ electronics.

(Jan. 13, 2016) — Roadmaster’s Sterling All-Terrain tow bar now has 8,000 pounds of carrying capacity. It was previously rated at 6,000 pounds.

(Sept. 22, 2015) — Roadmaster today announced a new partnership with Inspired Rep Group, which will provide dealer support as the company’s factory representatives in the Great Lakes area serving dealers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

(Oct. 6, 2015) – “His invention, the Tow Defender, led to him joining the Roadmaster family in 2001. For the past 14 years, he has been a fixture at RV shows, representing the Roadmaster brand to customers across the country,” he added.

(Sept. 30, 2015) — This five-minute video, produced by Rollin’ on TV, is an educational tool for both dealers and their customers. For dealers who may be familiar with the spare tire carrier but not all its features, it contains every reason to buy one. For customers unfamiliar with the spare tire carrier, it’s a compelling and complete introduction.

(April 7, 2015) — These new hitches have the same purpose in that the shanks can be turned up or down to level the towing system, and will fit nearly all 2.5-inch receiver hitches without having to use an adaptor, resulting in a tighter, more secure connection, the release noted.

(Feb. 10, 2015) — Roadmaster featured its new spare tire carrier at NTP’s The Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., last week. The spare tire carrier alleviates the problem of the time and cost to find a tire when one blows on the road.

(Sept. 4, 2014) — The latest addition to Roadmaster’s Quiet Hitch family, the 061-125, is for 1.25-inch receivers. The anti-rattle ring eliminates any free play between the receiver and whatever users insert into it for a solid, seamless connection — no more shake, rattle and roll.

(Dec. 30, 2013) — “We are pleased to have Repco as a part of the Roadmaster team,” said Eric Jason, national sales manager at Roadmaster. “Collectively, Woody Singleton, Dana Hoffman and Kenny Young bring 86 years of experience in the RV aftermarket industry. We’re anxious to apply that experience and skill to Roadmaster products.”


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