(April 4, 2017) — “While a steep decline in the number of firms in the oil and gas sector has contributed to the weakening trend, the data show the growth rate for nearly all industries stands below their post-recession averages,” said Walsh.

(April 3, 2017) — “Perhaps most encouragingly, business investment intentions surged to their highest level since third quarter 2010, and matched the second-highest reading on record, despite reports of significant uncertainty,” said Janzen.

(March 30, 2017) — Consumer spending growth was revised up to 3.5 percent from 3.0 percent in the second estimate, and 2.5 percent in the advance estimate. The build in inventories was also slightly larger, RBC Economics reported.

(March 27, 2017) — RBC Economics examines a commonly held view that the Canadian economy is significantly underperforming relative to both the United States and its longer-run production potential.

(March 24, 2017) — The reading fell slightly short of market expectations for an unchanged 2.1 percent rate, but inflation continues to track above the Bank of Canada’s first quarter forecast of 1.8 percent, said Economist Josh Nye.

(March 21, 2017) — “The 1.3 percent bounce-back in retail sale volumes in January more-than-reversed the 1.0 percent decline in December that in turn had marked only the first dip in six months,” said Janzen.

(March 17, 2017) — “Confidence was evident in the median growth forecast at 2.1 percent in both 2017 and 2018 — solidly above the 1.8 percent longer run estimate — even with policymakers anticipating another two rate hikes to be delivered this year and three next year,” said Desjardins.

(March 15, 2017) — Energy prices again pushed U.S. inflation higher in February as the all items index edged up just 0.1 percent, the smallest increase since July. February retail sales rose an expected 0.1 percent following a much stronger and upwardly revised 0.6 percent gain in January.

(March 10, 2017) — Today’s labor market report went some distance to allay concerns about the mix of part-time and full-time job creation with 105,000 full-time positions created and 89,000 part-time jobs lost, said Desjardins.

(March 10, 2017) — The February employment gain of 235,000 jobs was boosted by a 95,000 surge in private sector goods-producing jobs — the largest monthly gain since March 2000, said Janzen.

(March 8, 2017) — RBC Economics has prepared a report regarding the state of women in Canada’s economy. Through a series of graphs and charts, RBC aims to provide a snapshot of the impact women have in the Canadian economy.

(March 3, 2017) — Consumer spending growth was characterized as modest while retail sales were more subdued as districts noted an ongoing shift to online sales. Manufacturing activity also accelerated.

(March 2, 2017) — Activity in the fourth quarter received a significant boost from consumer spending rising 2.6 percent with a solid increase in the durables component reflecting auto sales being at record highs, said Ferley.

(March 1, 2017) — “The committee reiterated that there is slack in the domestic labor market pointing to the slow pace of wage gains and hours worked as evidence. The bank also remains concerned about exports which they say continue to face competitiveness challenges,” said Desjardins.

(March 1, 2017) — The volume of sales declined 0.3 percent as auto sales pulled back and warmer-than-usual temperatures were likely to blame for a large pullback in spending on utilities, said Janzen.

(Feb. 28, 2017) — “Stronger Q4 household expenditure was offset by modest downward revisions elsewhere, most significantly government spending, which is now estimated to have edged up just 0.3 percent,” said Nye.

(Feb. 27, 2017) — “Inflation is on track to exceed the bank’s 1.8 percent projection for the first quarter, but their new core measures, which remain slightly below 2 percent on average, are consistent with their assessment that the economy is running below potential,” Nye explained.

(Feb. 23, 2017) — “A run of positive economic data and a slightly hawkish tone from Chair Janet Yellen last week raised the odds of a rate hike at the upcoming meeting, although markets continue to see that as less than a 50/50 prospect,” said Nye.

(Feb. 22, 2017) — Sales at automobile dealers declined 2.5 percent in December, largely in line with an earlier-reported drop in unit vehicle sales in the month following an outsized sales pace in November. Sales of motor vehicle and parts were still up 3.9 percent from a year ago in December.

(Feb. 15, 2017) — “Headline inflation has now risen for six consecutive months as energy prices switched from a source of disinflation to a positive add,” said Nye. “We expect that trend will continue in February with inflation picking up closer to 2.75 percent.”


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