(Nov. 29, 2018) — To keep its dollies free from dust, dirt and debris, and in pristine condition, Parkit offers a custom-fitted Canvas Unit Cover.

(Oct. 22, 2018) — With Parkit360’s line of rechargeable electric trailer dollies, a single person can move up to 15,000 lbs. with absolute ease

(Feb. 7, 2018) — Parkit360’s Force 10K trailer dolly easily moves a 10,000-pound trailer with a 900-pound tongue weight.

(July 26, 2017) — With Parkit360’s Transformer 15K Trailer Dolly, one person can move a 15,000-pound fifth wheel, tag-a-long, gooseneck or traditional trailer with absolute ease by simply walking and steering with its wireless remote control.


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