On the Road of Retirement

There is never a dull moment in Key West Florida so we felt very fortunate to have been able to spend a week there. What did we do? Not a whole lot because upon arriving in Key West the pace immediately slowed way down.

With our extended winter stay I have had time to not only fix all the little things on the RV and our CRV but I also to tackle some bigger jobs . One such job I wanted to do was to replace the shocks on the front end of our Tiffin Allegro Bay.

(Dec. 7, 2018) — Since we were only able to score two nights at South St Lucie Campground we packed up and started our westerly trek through Florida. A few hours later after passing around the southern edge of Lake Okeechobee we pulled into the W.P.Franklin Corps of Engineer Campground.

(Nov. 30, 2018) — Leaving Wickham park we chose to head south on Highway 1, a more scenic drive than Interstate 95. About an hour later we pulled into Tanglewood Village in Vero Beach. Using our Escapees 20% discount we booked a week with plans to visit Sharon’s cousin John and his wife Penny.

(Nov 26, 2018) — With our time running out here at Wickham Park, we had one more place we wanted to revisit. The weather had changed making it windy and chilly with temperatures in the low sixties.

(Nov. 12, 2018) — We left the Golden Isles of Georgia and made our way into Florida. Normally we stop for a stay at Hannah Park in Jacksonville Florida to visit the Mayo for our checkups but we both have had everything done this year (except our flu shots which we need to get ASAP) so we drove on through Jacksonville and a short while later pulled into our oceanfront site at Gamble Rogers State Park in Flagler Beach Florida.

(Aug. 30, 2018) — We had no sooner arrived in Raleigh North Carolina when we noticed we had a problem. When getting ready for a shower we couldn’t seem to get any hot water from our faucets. So in typical fashion I hit the internet and start searching for solutions to our problem.

(March 12, 2018) — The time came for us to leave our sunset paradise in Keaton Beach so we readied the RV and hit the road about 10:00 am. All was going well on the drive as we passed through the town of Perry Florida. However, heading west on a nice two lane road,something caught my eye.

(Feb. 12, 2018) — With our RV now 10 years and going on 11 we decided that this year would be the year we would upgrade our RV. We don’t see going off the road anytime soon and we see no reason to purchase a new motorhome so the only logical choice was to (as Sharon would say) Pimp our Ride!

(Nov. 8, 2017) — Since I was only able to score two nights at Gamble Rogers State Rec Area, the time to leave Flagler Beach came pretty quick.

(Oct. 31, 2017) — After spending the night at Walkabout RV park, Monday morning we drove over to Jacksonville Cummins Service Center.


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