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(April 27, 2011) — Its sturdy construction is made of durable parts and seals. Its leak-proof, locking lid prevents spills. A sealing slide valve ensures easy flushing while locking in odors

(April 25, 2011) — The design and development of the Adventurer 86FB started with a clean slate to build a new camper featuring lighter weight, stronger construction, larger bath, face-to-face dinette, more storage, increased holding tank size — and so that it could fit short- or long-bed trucks, with the ability to add a generator in either configuration.

(April 29, 2011) — “The Starflyer is an entry-level camping trailer that is perfect for the first-time buyer,” said Jacobs. “We work very hard to provide our customers with pure, simple camping products. This camping trailer is a prime example of providing the basic essentials without high impact on the family budget.”

(April 21, 2011) — “Our customers have been specifically asking for a four-seater off-road campervan to suit families and because we manufacture our own fleet, there was nothing stopping us designing and delivering the first family 4WD Camper.”

(April 21, 2011) — The Mini Solar Plumbing Vent automatically removes RV plumbing odors and moisture and eliminates the unpleasantness of these plumbing gas odors. It has a universal design that replaces most RV plumbing caps and installs easily on the RV roof top. Since it is solar powered, there’s no wiring required.

(April 19, 2011) — Airstream, the oldest and most recognized recreation vehicle brand in the world, teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to create the Airstream Interstate 3500 Touring Coach, a high-end touring coach with seating for eight people, reported

(April 18, 2011) — Australian holiday makers are being given the chance to enjoy some home comforts on the road with the introduction of the Britz Maverick, the newest of their fleet for campervan hire in the Australian market.

(April 18, 2011) — “The Optimum Motorhome range is the pride of Jayco’s fleet, which caters for travelers who want the ultimate in RV luxury, convenience and value.”

(April 12, 2011) – A cleaner, polish and protector, Serious Shine tackles practically every type of surface, including painted surfaces, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, vinyl, brass and stainless steel. Bugs, bird droppings, exhaust, tar and water spots also disappear in a jiffy with little effort.

(April 7, 2011) – Beckson Manufacturing’s HNAP Series Hinges come in four tongue lengths for up to 10 different size combinations. The sturdy, lightweight hinges open a full 180 degrees so panels lie perfectly flat.

(April 6, 2011) – rEvolve is a patent-pending solution to portable swivelability. The convenient portable fabric chair can be as comfortable as any high-end office chair. Users can turn 360-degrees as easily as they could in a high-back executive leather chair.

(March 30, 2011) — These dependable power units rapidly charge batteries during peak demand times and are especially efficient at regenerating large battery banks. They run at a mid-speed 2,800 rpm and use an advanced, self-tensioning belt to minimize vibration and wear and tear.

(March 28, 2011) — Without sacrificing high performance, water resistance or high levels of breathability, Safety Components’ signature outdoor fabric WeatherMax now has an improved and more eco-friendly HydroMax finish.

(March 24, 2011) – The innovative Ultra Series line offers a wide variety of products to choose from, including premium RV holding tank treatments, odor removers, cleaners and air fresheners — and all are 100 percent formaldehyde free, the company said.

(March 23, 2011) — The Roll ‘N Go is an easy-to-use, heavy-duty, laminated scrim vinyl enclosure that provides easy access and configuration through multiple tent-style zippers. The white vinyl is tear resistant and offers ultraviolet protection.

(March 23, 2011) — The two new floorplans retain all the style and functionality of the RS21D model, but with an extra 8 feet of living space. The RS29RQ and RS29RL utilize the additional 8 feet either as a private permanent bedroom, as a media room or other customized space.

(March 22, 2011) — The heavy-duty reinforced 5/8-inch ID drinking water hoses are 20 percent thicker than standard hoses. It’s anti-kink design features machined fittings and strain-relief ends for added durability.

(March 22, 2011) — The PH1000i is inverter equipped which means it runs quiet and is safe for use with electronic equipment. The 1.63-hp engine has a maximum output of 1,000 watts and can be set to run at variable speed for fuel economy as power demands or at constant speed for 100 percent full power.

(March 18, 2011) – Designed for fast and reliable terminations, Wirecon SCDs are completely insulated, do not require a separate outlet box and have an extended frame to minimize air infiltration.

(March 15, 2011) — This IP67-rated AM/FM receiver can withstand chronically wet conditions and is Bluetooth-ready, enabling users to enjoy the music with or without speakers.


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