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(June 26, 2012) — “The Blackwood 3611RV is one of a kind. Our in-house architects are experts at designing floor plans that meet customers’ needs,” said Craven. “We have customers who love to entertain friends and family; our goal is to make the most comfortable coach possible for them.”

(July 31, 2012) — The Ultra 30-inch Scissor Jacks (Part No. 48-979031) give added stability to travel trailers, fifth wheels, horse and cargo trailers. The scissor jacks install easily by welding or bolting them to the RV frame by 3-by-10-inch multi-hole mounting plates. They are ruggedly constructed and the black powder coat finish resists rust. Their strong worm gear jacking mechanism won’t slip and the 5-by-9-inch footpads helps combat sinking and tilting.

(June 22, 2012) — The Lotus Pro High Capacity chemical-free cleaning system turns ordinary tap water into liquefied ozone — a powerful natural cleaner, stain remover, deodorizer and sanitizer. The liquefied ozone is made on-the-spot with continuous flow for mop buckets, carpet extractors and auto scrubbers – killing germs while cleaning. It provides residue-free performance for a longer lasting clean and low slippage on even the smoothest floors, said Krupin, who also noted it is safe on natural wood and stone.

(June 20, 2012) — Oxygenics’ BodySpa showerhead has been passing the test with RV owners for years by delivering the type of cleansing, massaging showers that travelers expect at home, while conserving the RV’s limited water capacity.

(June 19, 2012) — The power converter includes a standard straight blade plug for connection to common wall outlets and includes an inline on/off switch for added convenience. Designed for durability and resistance to wet or damp conditions, this unit consists of a power converter , heavy duty on/off switch, straight blade plug, and a two-prong Deutsch connector on the output end, all mounted to a heavy gauge strip type mounting platform.

(June 15, 2012) — The Wash Mitt is made from soft, synthetic, absorbent fibers, while the Deluxe Mitt is made from genuine lamb’s wool. Both feature a shaped thumb and elastic band base, for a comfortable, easy and snug fit. Great for washing and polishing, both versions can be used wet or dry.

(June 14, 2012) — “This sleek new battery-operated system consolidates the remote features into the door handle,” said CEO Jason Lippert. “The RV Lock reduces parts that are currently used in assembly of other remote systems and also eliminates the need for hard wiring to the vehicle’s electrical system. The easy installation, enhanced security, and contemporary styling of the RV Lock will allow us to continue to supply RV entry doors with the most advanced locking systems currently available.”

(June 14, 2012) — This is not a camera or mirror system. It is the first commercially available aftermarket unit which utilizes radar type sensors which would be installed on the rear bumper cover of a vehicle. The location would be adjusted depending on the length of the vehicle. Longer trucks/RVs would require installation on the sides. Two LED indicators are included and install on the inside of the vehicle. When a vehicle is in the blind spot, the corresponding LED will light up.

(June 14, 2012) — The new floorplan offers many of the same features the fifth wheel manufacturer offers in its other floorplans, including a large walk-in wardrobe with full hanging storage and shelving, an additional double wardrobe with room for a side-by-side washer and dryer, and a walkthrough side bath with two doors. It also offers a rear entertainment center with power TV lift and panoramic window in the rear.

(June 13, 2012) — The ThermalTreat Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Sewage Elimination System, invented by Nassef, uses a small 5 gallon or less tank, grinds up the solids, and then dissolves the solids in the liquid. It then pressurizes this liquid and injects it into the hot exhaust gas of the engine. The system is small, lightweight and uses no chemicals. It produces no odors, liquid, or solids to handle.

(June 12, 2012) — RVers can now expand their outdoor menu with Camp Chef’s Outdoor Camp Oven that features a twin burner range that lets users fry and boil while their favorite dish bakes to perfection in the double-rack oven. Featuring two 7,500-Btu brass burners and a 3,000-Btu oven burner, the versatile Outdoor Camp Oven unlocks all the cooking capabilities of a home oven and range.

(June 6, 2012) — The concept of the i-Go Lite fifth wheel and travel trailer series is to provide economy conscious camping families the opportunity to own a lightweight, quality-built EverGreen at a more affordable price. To this end, the i-Go is crafted with the same aluminum-framed, vacuum-laminated processes and 100-point quality control systems as all EverGreen products. There are two new floorplan models to choose from — both with deep slideouts.

(June 5, 2012) — In order to help trailer owners to find the right tow vehicle for their trailer, the Towing Capacities App lets users search all pickups and SUVs sold in North America by year, make and model, engine, transmission and axle ratio, and even different trim levels.

(June 5, 2012) — Featuring a cargo area that is more versatile than ever, Seismic’s garage can convert into a bunkroom, patio deck or dining space. In addition to hauling ATVs and motorcycles thanks to in-floor mounted D-rings, families can pack bicycles, games, canoes and other traditional outdoor gear. The garage can also be converted into workspace for crafters who sell their wares or dog show owners who need a grooming station.

(June 6, 2012) — “All these new and innovative products are available now to Canadian dealers,” said Alain Généreux, with Le Centre Campo/AGRV Products. “The products offer very good margins for dealer who can sell them for the same price consumers pay in the USA.”

(June 4, 2012) — The battery hydrometer tests battery acid and suggests a low, fair or good rating in the range of 1.100 – 1.300 sg. The windshield washer hydrometer tests methanol and the antifreeze hydrometer tests ethylene glycol on a temperature scale from -60 F to 32 F, suggesting that the solutions are properly mixed to prevent freezing. Hydrometers are made of plastic with a rubber squeeze bulb that can extract up to 4 ounces.

(June 1, 2012) — “Rhino Eco-Coat has proven to be an excellent RV roof repair and restoration solution,” states Gagnon. “Our product demonstrations have generated great interest in the RV and insurance industry and are quickly becoming an effective way to educate and introduce RV service businesses, insurance companies and consumers to a cost-effective and long-lasting RV roof repair and restoration solution.”

(June 1, 2012) — “This most recent addition to our floorplan lineup offers consumers several in-demand, luxury features as standard,” said Kitson. “As with the previous two Lifestyle floorplans, our design team has been both meticulous and innovative in the planning and development of this new look. Because of that, we’re confident the floorplan’s abundance of amenities, high-quality finishing touches and attention to detail will excite both dealers and customers.”

(May 31, 2012) — The company added the Saddlematic 180 that not only swings 180 degrees out of the way when not in use, but electrically lowers and lifts for easy saddle loading and unloading. “I did quite a bit of research while exhibiting the 2012 model at events,” said Tom Stinnett. “The horse people really gave me some great ideas about what they wanted and how they needed things to work for them on the road. Eureka Specialty Products created something that addressed those issues for us.”

(May 25, 2012) — Current Werks today introduces the Duo and Quattro USB wall outlets that allow direct plug-in to the wall to charge electronic products with USB ports, delivering the fastest possible charge for computer tablets, e-readers, smart phones and other USB-port equipped consumer electronics products, the company announced today. Both Current Werks USB wall outlets are designed to meet consumer needs for charging convenience, be quickly and easily installed, and comply with all building safety requirements.


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