Mary Arlington

(Oct. 16, 2015) — While seeing the good and the beauty is fun, it is the bad and the ugly that gets the attention. Why? Because that’s what we are hired to do. There isn’t much point in hiring a consultant to outline change if you’re fully satisfied with all aspects of your situation and are seeking only praise for what you have in place.

(July 9, 2015) — In this episode of RV Industry News, Lorne Armer, KOA’s vice president of brand development, offers and update on KOA’s own rebranding initiative as well as some insight into how KOA evaluates partnership requests from other companies. Then, campground consultant Mary Arlington talks about what campground owners can do to build stronger businesses and to improve their reach through social media marketing.

(March 17, 2014) — Smith manages the real estate company and owns three resorts, so he is in a unique position to help campground owners in Florida determine the best value for their businesses. Arlington, who owned a campground in rural Kansas for many years, knows what it’s like to buy and sell a commercial property, too.


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