(Oct. 25, 2013) — At its 2013 annual meeting on Saturday, Oct. 19, the New Hampshire Campground Owners Association presented a Distinguished Service Award to Gary Marique, owner of Mi-Te-Jo Campground in Milton, N.H.

(Oct. 24, 2013) — The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has presented its Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) and is inviting Georgians to comment, writes the Newton Citizen.

(Oct. 24, 2013) — On Wednesday afternoon, campground owners from across the state gathered at Longs Retreat Family Resort in Latham as part of the annual Ohio Campground Owners Association fall conference, reports the Chillicothe Gazette.

(Oct. 23, 2013) — Carr said, “Once we explained that Red Rover Camping was not a club or membership and was free to the camping and RVing public, everyone we talked to was extremely receptive. To our delight and surprise folks we spoke to at the show came back the next day saying they had gone to the website and provided us valuable insight as to what they would like to see there.”

(Oct. 23, 2013) — This past summer, Northern Nights LLC and the owners of Cook’s Valley Campground produced the inaugural Northern Nights Music Festival in Piercy, reports the Redwood Times. The Southern Humboldt Schools Foundation received $2,250 from ticket sales.

(Oct. 18, 2013) — “People coming with their families can register their children for the CONY Kids Club, with daily supervised activities happening while the adults are at seminars and meetings. Teens interested in learning more about the outdoor hospitality industry can attend seminars geared especially for them,” said Bennett.

(Oct. 17, 2013) — The National Forest Recreation Association and several campground management companies are suing the U.S. Forest Service, claiming the government shutdown has closed the campgrounds they run even though they do not receive federal funding, reports Courthouse News Service.

(Oct. 16, 2013) — Legal News Line says Crystal Lake RV Resort LLC, Morgan RV Resorts LLC and Morgan Management LLC allegedly violated Wisconsin environmental laws resulting from the mismanagement of the resort’s three wastewater treatment lagoons.

(Oct. 14, 2013) — Staff at Quebec’s 22 provincial parks are on strike, reports About 700 unionized employees have been without a contract since the end of 2012, and are hoping the strike forces management back to the bargaining table.

(Oct. 14, 2013) — Last week, the Lisbon Town Council decided against raising the salary for the Lisbon Beach and Campground director, and is instead opting to advertise the position at the current salary of $13,000 a year, reports

(Oct. 14, 2013) — When Kent Tower learned the federal government was closing the White Mountain National Forest campgrounds he’s run for more than two decades, he was upset enough. But when they put up notices saying they were closed due to “health and safety” concerns, that was the final blow, writes The Union Leader.

(Oct. 10, 2013) — CNPSR-gathered figures show that the shutdown is resulting in 715,000 visitors lost daily (based on October 2012 national park attendance numbers), $76 million in lost visitor spending per day and $450,000 in lost revenue each day.

(Oct. 10, 2013) — Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskell claims the county forgot to file paper work required by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to build an RV park. As a result, the mistake will cost tax payers $10,000, reports WRCB.

(Oct. 9, 2013) — Florida resort owner and broker specialist Rob Smith announced today he is transforming his three Florida retirement resort communities and his Fortune Real Estate company. To help with this he’s brought in Mary Arlington, a business consultant who is an award-winning former RV park owner.

(Oct. 9, 2013) — A California man injured during a nighttime ATV ride in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is suing the U.S. Forest Service and Knife River Corp., accusing the company of digging up a trail in the dunes and not warning riders of a sudden drop-off, reports The Register-Guard.

(Oct. 8, 2013) — In 1986, Hartford started Evergreen, an insurance company for campgrounds which, under his leadership, became the largest insurer of campgrounds and RV parks in the country. He actively remained at the helm of the companies, working with and teaching his son, Lucas, many wonderful life and business lessons until his death, according to his obituary.

(Oct. 8, 2013) — Barbara and Mike Marty, owners of Magic Pines Campground in Lewis, along with their cook, David Eddington and his wife Barbara Eddington, threw a Thanks-For-Giving turkey dinner for their summer volunteers, reports DenPubs.

(Oct. 8, 2013) — Michael J. O’Neil, director of Lisbon Beach and Campground in Ogdensburg, is defending his request for a 52 percent raise next year, saying the amount of time he dedicates to the job warrants the increase, writes

(Oct. 7, 2013) — Courthouse News Service reports that the owner of Texan RV Park in Athens discriminated against and evicted a transgender woman and her partner, Obama administration lawyers say in a potentially landmark lawsuit.

(Oct. 7, 2013) — As an RV park manager, one of the toughest issues that Pamela Wright said she had to train staff on answering were questions about the Wi-Fi service in the park.  Recently she worked with Jim Ganley, of Checkbox Systems, to create a FAQ sheet that can be posted on your website, handed out to guests or put into a guest guide.


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