Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure

Next week marks the beginning of our 6th year on the road! Five years ago we had no idea what to expect as we left Spring Valley Wisconsin on our great adventure. Over the years we have been from Alaska to Mexico and California to Florida, discovering and exploring along the way.

Leaving Yankeetown we had no idea where we were going. This was a first for us. I mean who leaves a campground without knowing their next destination? We knew where wanted to be; Lithia Springs State Park but it is a first come first serve park and was full.

Ocala/Marion County Florida earned that title due to the fact that they have the largest number of horses and ponies than any other county in the United States; more than 35,000 Thoroughbreds alone!

The cool and rainy weather afforded us time to perform a long procrastinated task; organizing our photographs. When we were preparing for our life on the road we vowed to get rid of as much as possible.

(Jan. 14, 2019) — Our first stop in Florida was at Santos Trailhead State Park outside of Ocala. The Jordan’s turned us onto this spot while they were researching places to stay and this was one of few areas that had a site with multiple days together so we took advantage of it!

(Dec. 17, 2018) — Wait, I must be hallucinating, we don’t work and the “W” word is a 4 letter word around our rig! At least this time of year. This is the time of year to relax and recuperate from all the craziness of the summer and fall. But a funny thing did happen to us this week.

(Oct. 29, 2018) — It was a week of firsts for Barb and I up here at the farm and one of the more physically exhausting weeks I have had in quite a while. With the weather cooperating all week we were able to work outside and get a lot of work done.

(Sept. 27, 2018) — Whenever we are faced with daunting and seemingly unachievable tasks we try and do the same thing; break it down into manageable parts and take it slow and easy.

(Sept. 12, 2018) — Upon returning to our property in South Dakota we were greeted with open gates and no prairie dogs (thank you Jordan’s!). It has taken over a year and countless hours but I think they are finally under control. What we found was out of control was the weeds.

(Aug. 6, 2018) — T-shirts and shorts have been replaced with hooded sweatshirts and jeans as August has brought us much anticipated cooler weather. There is nothing like a cool crisp morning in Ontario!

(July 24, 2018) — That is the motto of Pasha Lake Cabins and this week it lived up to that. It had been over nine months since we have been lake fishing so the day after arriving we were anxious to hit the water!

(July 20, 2018) — This week found us driving in North Dakota reminiscing about the past 6 weeks in the Black Hills; about everything we got done, about all our visitors and talking about what is yet to come.

(June 20, 2018) — The sun hit the calm water acting like a mirror as it reflected the image of the granite pillars emerging from the depths of the lake. The laughter of children echoed as they played at the water’s edge.

(May 21, 2018) — It was another crazy busy week here at the farm. I don’t think we had one day shorter than 12 hours. Busy planting, rolling and running trucks to and from the field.

(April 16, 2018) — Since being back in South Dakota this week we had yet to see a turkey on our property. They were still all in their winter flocks of 70+ well off our property but when I woke up Tuesday morning and heard gobbling within a mile of our rig I knew I had a chance!

(April 10, 2018) — Our Oregon adventure complete, we said our goodbyes to Forrest, Somer and Lily and headed east. Surprisingly there are no straight eastern routes out of Klamath Falls towards South Dakota.

(April 3, 2018) — Only a few isolated patches of snow remain of what was winter as the temps touched 6o this week. Since this was our last week here we concentrated on adventures rather than work.

(March 27, 2018) — 1300 miles, 27 hours of driving, 130 gallons of gas……that is what it took us to get from Klamath Falls to Salt Lake City and back to Oregon in just three days.

(March 5, 2018) — I am reminded of this quote (or at least my version) as we drive north out of Arizona into Nevada, California and eventually Oregon. What were sunny days with temperatures in the 70’s were replaced with clouds, snow and lows at 10 degrees.

(Feb. 26, 2018) — This week I was once again reminded of the reality that I am but just a bit character in this play called life. It all started with a 2 hour drive to the Phoenix airport where I dropped Barb off for her mid-winter vacation.


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