Interstellar Orchard

I’m going to be using my college degree for the first time since hitting the road, and volunteering at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center along the Pacific coast called WildSun.

(Dec. 3, 2018) — After a nice stay with friends and fellow Xscapers Kate and Roger on their property near Mesa Verde National Park, including a nice weekend up in Fruita, CO to try my hand at mountain biking again, the cold weather pushing into Colorado finally forces me south.

(Nov. 19, 2018) — Continuing my series on tiny trailer living, today I’m going to address another common question: how do I handle having so little space? This can be broken down into two subjects, living space and storage space.

(Oct. 25, 2018) — After setting up camp on 7/585 just north of Silverton, CO on Oct 1st, Kelly and I spend the next day cooped up inside due to rain from the remnants of a hurricane that pushed ashore down in Baja. The morning after dawns bright and clear, this is reported to be the one good day of weather we’ll have while here.

(Oct. 22, 2018) — Two posts ago I asked what your biggest questions were about tiny trailer living, and by far two most asked questions were: 1. What do you do for a bathroom? And 2. What do you do for a kitchen?

(Oct. 11, 2018) — Last night was my first night sleeping in the Hiker Trailer, and I underestimated how many layers I’d need under me when sleeping. It’s getting quite cold at night here in Leadville, CO.

(Oct. 5, 2018) — After setting up camp just west of Leadville, CO, Kelly and I take her truck down to Twin Lakes where the aspen are in full color. Locals say autumn is about two weeks early this year due to the drier weather. Which makes sense to me, the same thing happened in Wisconsin when it was dry.

(Sept. 27, 2018) — So the cat’s out of the bag! If you’re a member of the IO Inner Circle on Patreon, you heard the news on Saturday. If you follow IO on Facebook or Instagram, you heard it on Monday.

(Sept. 7, 2018) — Oh please let this work, oh please let this work…” Runs my internal monologue as I turn the key in Bertha and start her up for a test run into the Cascades.

(Aug. 30, 2018) — Ahh, another Xscapers convergence down in the books, this one in Redmond, OR. For newer readers, Xscapers is a lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club, a long-running club whose mission is to serve all RVers.

(Aug. 3, 2018) — Coastal Oregon is not the easiest place to find free camping, especially on a summer weekend. After leaving Joni’s friend’s property after a nice quiet 4th of July, Joni and I caravan towards the coast, where we spend one long evening trying to find a place to camp, and eventually land a spot down a road off of 6 east of Tillamook.

(June 19, 2018) — The drive from Merced, Calif., to Yosemite National Park on 140 is a bit long, but the scenery is nice. Being Memorial Day, the park is rather busy and we end up using the same strategy we did yesterday at Sequoia NP of hunting down a spot to park our rental SUV near a bus stop and then riding the bus to get to other areas.

(June 14, 2018) — After the Grand Canyon, I point Bertha’s nose back west and quickly retrace my route earlier this spring along I40 to Keyesville Rec Area in Lake Isabella, Calif. There I spend six days working hard so that I can have my two weeks of vacation relatively work-free.

(May 17, 2018) — In this day and age staying connected is vitally important, and when you’re living on the road it’s not as easy as calling up your local internet provider, or asking your neighbor what cell carrier has the best coverage in the neighborhood.

(May 10, 2018) — It’s time to bid farewell to Kingman, Ariz., at least for now. I’ll be retracing this route along I40 back west in a couple weeks for a much anticipated road trip with my parents and brother, but there’s still time before then to make it to make it to one particular destination in northern Arizona that’s been on my list for a while.

(April 25, 2018) — Yesterday my best friend Julie flew into Las Vegas, where I picked her up and we drove back to my boondocking spot in Mojave National Preserve across the border in California. She’s camping with me for a long weekend.

(April 18, 2018) — So I mention quite frequently that when I boondock, which is over 90% of the time these days, I live on 100 watts of solar. The next question asked is usually: “What can you do with 100 watts of solar?” So today I thought I’d answer that.

(April 11, 2018) — Full-time RVing is a wonderful way to live. Days on the road can be full-to-the-brim with adventure and new experiences and great people and generally make you feel amazingly, truly, alive.

(April 5, 2018) — Yesterday, our caravan of five left Keyesville Rec Area near Lake Isabella, CA and traveled up 395 to Lone Pine. By the time I arrived on the scene, a site had already been picked out and all I had to do was get level.

(March 28, 2018) — Those who’ve followed me a while know I’m a die-hard solo adventurer. For years I have enjoyed meeting up with other RVers at one location, and then happily moved off on my own again when I felt the itch to travel.


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