(Sept. 27, 2013) — In 2012, Elkhart County ranked No. 1 in the nation for job growth. While the rest of the country averaged 1.9 percent growth, Elkhart County experienced 7.4 percent. Elkhart made headlines for its high unemployment years ago, so it’s no surprise its recovery is equally notable, writes WNDU.

(Sept. 27, 2013) — The advance registration deadline has passed, but on-site registration is available, said Ryder. Full details about the event are available on the RVDA website, including an electronic version of the onsite program and a mobile app that puts all the convention details onto a smartphone or tablet.

(Sept. 27, 2013) — “We are pleased to end fiscal 2013 on a positive note with continued momentum in sales and earnings,” said Martin. “The recent actions we’ve taken to divest non-core businesses and expand our RV business through acquisition leave us optimistic about the future of Thor.”

(Sept. 27, 2013) — “The Expo brand was created to give a unique identity to our annual event – one that differentiates it from other wholesale events in the RV industry, and truly communicates the scope and level of engagement that our dealers and suppliers can expect from NTP”, said Greg Boyd, president.

(Sept. 27, 2013) — “Marlene has proven to be a great leader and team builder and will help drive KZRV to even greater success in the marketplace,” said Zook. “She brings excitement, experience, product and market knowledge not to mention her outstanding dealer relationships are exactly what we need to keep the momentum going after the fall show.“

(Sept. 26, 2013) — “What would be the outcome of showing a product before you determine the client’s wants and needs?  What could happen if we helped a client fall in love with a product that they could not afford?” Sobel asked. “To someone new to a sales position, these are serious questions and don’t make any logical sense.  To the experienced manager who watches their sales staff do this daily, it’s just sad.”

(Sept. 26, 2013) — As Pat Biggs and Loren McDougall began their trip from International Falls to Oregon in their RV on Wednesday, the two-door Pontiac hitched behind suddenly broke free and careened off the highway and down a 50-foot ditch, reports the Bemidji Pioneer.

(Sept. 26, 2013) — “For participating dealers, the Coach-Net Protect Suite provides a benefit by adding a dedicated and trusted RV industry partner to their F&I department, while also helping them deliver a valuable set of product offerings to their buyers who want to enjoy the RV lifestyle with complete confidence,” said Lopez.

(Sept. 26, 2013) — “As I have said before, I believe the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund to be the most veteran friendly organization in the country with almost all of the proceeds raised going to those who deserve our unyielding thanks and to the families of those fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice,” said SFC O’Banion.

(Sept. 26, 2013) — “We launched the Correct Track on all Heartland fifth wheels approximately one year ago,” said Brady. “We were pleased with the response from our dealers and retail customers, so we decided to install Correct Track on all our lines.”

(Sept. 26, 2013) — Jim Fogdall concluded 50 years in the RV business last week by closing the sale of his family business, Ace Fogdall RV in Cedar Falls, reports the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. The company is going to Camping World, which is launching a $1 million renovation of the location and hiring staff.

(Sept. 26, 2013) — Its modern aesthetics and smoother lines fit well with modern RV designs and please the end users, and that makes the coach a more sellable unit for OEMs,” said Taylor. “It uses a strategic structural design and retains Dometic’s time-tested anti-billow system, which means a more reliable product for the end user and fewer warranty issues for the OEM.”

(Sept. 26, 2013) — “The long-term commitment to the RV Learning Center exemplified by McClain’s RV Superstores is to be lauded and, I hope, repeated by many in our industry,” said Pastore. “The gift from McClain’s at this time, as we prepare for our most important education event of the year, really shines a spotlight on the centerpiece of the RV Learning Center, the convention/expo.”

(Sept. 26, 2013) — ”Sonny’s Camp-N-Travel has been a member of the network for nine years and Darrell, along with his entire team, deeply embrace what it means to be a Route 66 dealer,” said Merrill. “Darrell’s commitment to Route 66 goes much further than integrating the network’s products and messages into his two dealership locations.”

(Sept. 26, 2013) — IOTA Engineering has added a new technical resource to the IOTA Power Products Technical Library entitled “Best Solutions for Series and Parallel Charger Installations.” The 4-page document details the advantages and versatility of utilizing IOTA’s DLS chargers in series and parallel configurations.

(Sept. 25, 2013) — The Trentonian reports that as more Chinese embrace automobile culture, foreign RV makers are expanding in China. Winnebago Industries began working in 2011 with dealers in Beijing and several other cities, selling models ranging from 200,000 yuan ($33,000) to 2 million yuan ($327,000).

(Sept. 25, 2013) — Situated just north of the Florida/Georgia border off I-75, the dealership will offer a wide variety of top-name motorhomes and towables, both new and pre-owned, said President Alan Shapiro.

(Sept. 25, 2013) — The Jayco Motorized Division announced today that Andy Baer has been named the vice president of sales. This announcement comes after Tadd Jenkins stepped down after nearly five years to pursue other interests.

(Sept. 25, 2013) — “On the second day of the show a couple walked up to our seminar area,” said Holod. “The wife explained she was trying to talk her reluctant husband into buying their first RV by bringing him to the show. She bought eight of our DVDs in an effort to encourage him to make a purchase, and the couple intended to watch them that evening. The next afternoon the couple came by again, grinning from ear to ear.”

(Sept. 25, 2013) — A new onboard RV gray water waste treatment system, called Treat & Transfer, uses innovative patent-pending technology, Silver Line Industries reported today. Not only is the technology clean, it can help RV campers from paying sewer hookup fees, the company claimed in a press release.


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