(Oct. 17, 2013) — “We have three new brands, total of 10 brands for the company this year,” Boessler explained. “Reaction from our dealers has been very positive. A lot of the components we added have been driven from input from our customers.”

(Oct. 17, 2013) — The amount of trouble one person can cause really depends on that person’s contact with others. If you hired a jerk who enters data all day but doesn’t talk to anyone, it’s probably not going to matter much. However, a jerk in a position of authority or in a job that involves a lot of collaboration is bad news.

(Oct. 17, 2013) — “Customers who pay cash for their RV face the same ownership perils of those who finance their purchase,” said Scavo. “Cash deals come with the territory. During this presentation, we will reveal tips, tactics and techniques that will enhance your ability to maximize the back-end profit potential often overlooked on cash deals.”

(Oct. 17, 2013) — A salesperson can shoot a video walkthrough of a unit using a smartphone and, while shooting the video, address the prospect by name or even reference a topic or features the salesperson and customer were speaking about earlier. This will allow customers to know that the salesperson took the time to create the video just for them, said Cellucci.

(Oct. 17, 2013) — The National Forest Recreation Association and several campground management companies are suing the U.S. Forest Service, claiming the government shutdown has closed the campgrounds they run even though they do not receive federal funding, reports Courthouse News Service.

(Oct. 16, 2013) — “We are deeply concerned that further delay ending the government shutdown will push the next crisis right on top of the holiday retail season,” said Bailey. “The nation does not need another obstacle to the ongoing economic recovery.”

(Oct. 16, 2013) — Legal News Line says Crystal Lake RV Resort LLC, Morgan RV Resorts LLC and Morgan Management LLC allegedly violated Wisconsin environmental laws resulting from the mismanagement of the resort’s three wastewater treatment lagoons.

(Oct. 16, 2013) — “I do believe that KOA should move forward and become a leader in offering high-end camping,” Schumacher said. “Therefore, upgrading the campgrounds is a must and I wanted to do it right away.”

(Oct. 16, 2013) — Brian Hyde was appointed general manager for the Bullet, Outback and Raptor lines while Bren Lauck becomes general manager for the Alpine/Avalanche, Laredo and Passport lines.

(Oct. 16, 2013) — “Here, the student studies the properties of propane as well as the types of containers used in the RV industry. Proper procedures for purging, storing and using LP, including the importance of regulation are presented and performed on paper as well as during many hands-on assignments,” said Leach.

(Oct. 16, 2013) — On Tuesday, Flexsteel Industries, Inc. reported net sales of $104.3 million for the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2013, an increase of 14 percent from the prior year quarter. Net income was $3.8 million or $0.51 per share compared to $2.9 million or $0.40 per share for the prior year quarter.

(Oct. 16, 2013) — “We credit this accomplishment to our incredible work force and the pride and care they take in building our products, leading product designs and our dealer body comprised of the ‘who’s who’ of the finest dealers in the business,” said Clark.

(Oct. 16, 2013) — These 18 brands/manufacturers received at least 15 dealer responses and scored 80 percent or above in overall dealer satisfaction in the association’s 20th Annual Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) survey.

(Oct. 15, 2013) — “We feel strongly that positioning our KOA as a KOA Journey will help our guests in setting their expectations prior to their visit,” said Godfrey. “The fact that we are positioned as an overnight stop for folks on their way to Yellowstone and other tourist areas helps them know we are ‘easy in, easy out,’ and we have all of the basic amenities they need.”

(Oct. 15, 2013) — Northcutt’s new position will begin Nov. 1. He will assume the responsibilities previously held by Ken Streff in the RV division. Streff will remain the vice president of sales and marketing for Demco’s agriculture, trailer components and rental divisions.

(Oct. 15, 2013) — “After three days, attendance is up 63.2 percent,” said Gaither. “The three-day total is 13,923, and the entire show last year drew 20,756, so we’re going to blow last year’s gate right out the door.”

(Oct. 15, 2013) — Roadtrek’s Touring Series (TS) Adventurous is a class leading vehicle that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles to make any travelers adventure as comfortable, easy and luxurious as possible, explained Torcoletti.

(Oct. 15, 2013) — Combining ground beef with rice, an orange, some peppers, a few cans of soup, some mushrooms and a pinch of this and a dash of that, the mixture is placed inside a carved out pumpkin and baking in a bed of charcoal for one hour.

(Oct. 15, 2013) — The fund, to be known as the Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager Jayco Legacy Fund, will invest early stage capital (micro-loans) with small businesses to improve the lives of families throughout Central and South America and in the Caribbean.

(Oct. 15, 2013) — To get a behind-the-scenes peek at how motorhomes are brought to life, watch this video where a tour guide will take visitors through each stage of the manufacturing process, explaining how all the pieces come together to create a Thor Motor Coach.


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