(Sept. 20, 2013) — The service produces flyers, postcards, counter displays, posters and banners that promote the dealership, RVs for sale, parts specials, service specials and even coupons. “The materials produced by Direct2Market are consistent, flawless, high quality and effective,” said Holt. “It’s a unique marketing tool that we offer to our customers at a bargain price.”

(Sept. 20, 2013) — “In 2003, while laying the foundation for The Network, we talked about how cool it would be to one day have 66 locations across the country,” says Steve Francis. “Quite honestly, in those first couple of years The Network grew so fast that no one even noticed when we blew by bringing on dealer No. 66.”

(Sept. 20, 2013) — On Sept. 16, Goodhue County District Judge Lawrence Clark granted the Minnesota Department of Health’s request for a temporary injunction against Hidden Valley Campground, writes the Post-Bulletin.

(Sept. 19, 2013) — “We took advantage of the chance to stage units indoors and on pavement to make our display as accessible as possible, regardless of the weather,” he said.  “Dealers who want to continue doing business in Elkhart without braving the rain and mud are welcome to stop by, stay clean and dry, and see what we have to offer at the corner of County Road 6 and Northland Drive”

(Sept. 19, 2013) — GAC’s Top 20 Countdown is hosted by Nan Kelly. This week’s episode will feature Kelly making her way around America’s Largest RV Show checking out the latest in RVing while introducing their Top 20 songs of the week.

(Sept. 19, 2013) — Nametags were prepared for all 2,000 dealer personnel who preregister for the show. They were neatly sorted into 10 trays, nine of which were distributed on Tuesday alone. Plus, another 1,000 people showed up who had not pre-registered, RV Daily Report has learned.

(Sept. 19, 2013) — “We use hung fiberglass, which gives our RVs more structure, especially with our six-cage aluminum constructed frames using aluminum studs every 16 inches. Add high gloss gel coated fiberglass and solid interior walls, and our buyers know they are getting their money’s worth,” said Weaver. “Our units cost more, but the features and benefits certainly justify the price.”

(Sept. 19, 2013) — “Every month, the Outback gets more popular,” explained Gillies. “Americans are interested in adventure travel. The Outback is very capable, comfortable, affordable, and can take them to places they could never drive in a typical RV.”

(Sept. 19, 2013) — The company hoped to display a brand new Bandit at the Elkhart open house, but the staff took one to the Pennsylvania RV Show last week in Hershey, Pa., hoping to get feedback from consumers. “Interest in the Bandit was very strong. In fact, we sold our show model,” Scheetz explained.

(Sept. 19, 2013) — “This show is not a big push for us. Our big opportunity to connect with dealers takes place in June during our annual homecoming celebration. Everyone has been in a good mood and the orders submitted at the open house are like gravy for us,” said Lasley, noting that Jayco has been in growth mode for much of the year.

(Sept. 19, 2013) — “This venue is more relaxed and it puts dealers in the right frame of mind to plan their inventory for the year ahead. They genuinely look forward to this show because they have a good time and it really boosts their spirits,” said Thompson. “The show also gives us a chance to showcase virtually everything we build. And with show hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., we really have plenty of time to sit down and get to know our dealers and figure out what we can do to become better partners with them.”

(Sept. 19, 2013) — “We have had a really good show in terms of orders,” said Tuttle. “Our partnership with Thor Industries has given us access to a lot of RV dealers. It has also given us excellent credibility among RV dealers who may have been cautious about doing business with us because the company was a sole proprietorship.

(Sept. 18, 2013) — “Response on the new products has been tremendous,” says Krider from. “Dealers are here in full force and we are extremely grateful for their partnership.”

(Sept. 18, 2013) — “Based on our polls and surveys, the free hotel rooms that were offered again this year to dealers significantly impacted the increase in dealer turnout. The centralized and convenient location of St. Louis helped, but the incredible support from our industry has been the backbone to our success,” explained Ackerman.

(Sept. 18, 2013) — “We are not only launching a new website built to modern standards, we’re focused well ahead, keeping up on patterns in search engine technology and where the market goes to glean information, and how they get there,” said Fought.

(Sept. 18, 2013) — Dometic has opened up its Elkhart factory to visiting RV dealers for a special tour of the facility and an opportunity to see all the Dometic brands and models in one place. The tour starts in a display area that shows the wide variety of Dometic products found in virtually every RV from refrigerators to toilets to windows, to cooktops and ovens and even some aftermarket products as well.

(Sept. 18, 2013) — “Ordering has been good and the dealers are optimistic,” said Baer. “Dealers have been anticipating this show for months and have sold down their inventory. They are here looking for opportunities to buy replacement inventory.”

(Sept. 18, 2013) — The company has introduced several new units at the show, including a hard-side A-frame travel trailer in the Comet Series. In fact, the entire line has been revamped, Brent Froman, national sales manager, told RV Daily Report.

(Sept. 18, 2013) — “We wanted to grow our towable presence in the industry, and felt this was a great show to do that,” he said. “This helps our towable products to stand on their own, which is important because our towable line has a good story to tell.”

(Sept. 18, 2013) — “We have already seen half our dealers at the show, and it’s only noon on the second day,” he said, noting it is only the second time the company has participated in the open house. Williamson said he’s is impressed with the location near the entrance to the RV/MH Hall of Fame as well as dealer response to the show and the Tiffin display.


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