(Nov. 30, 2018) — A popular model of Goodyear tires for larger vehicles, including RVs, is under increased scrutiny after federal regulators discovered that they have been linked to nearly 100 deaths and injuries, but have never been recalled.

(July 17, 2018) — Goodyear could face a $105 million fine if it failed to properly report crashes involve a RV tire linked to nearly 100 injuries and deaths.

(June 8, 2018) — Federal regulators are asking the company why it didn’t simply conduct a safety recall instead for the tire.

(April 5, 2018) — Lawsuits and safety advocates allege the tires were designed for delivery trucks and not for recreational vehicles that travel at highway speeds.

(Sept.5, 2017) — Escapees members can now save on tires purchased through

(Feb. 7, 2017) — The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has answered the call for an American manufactured trailer tire with the new Endurance trailer tire, which was unveiled this week during Goodyear’s 2017 Customer Conference in Orlando, Fla.

(Sept. 21, 2016) — Jayco signed an exclusive deal to put American-made Goodyear endurance tires on all of its vehicles, RV Pro reported today.


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