(Dec. 13, 2016) —  Are you a person who’s open to the idea of traveling and being at one with nature, but not quite ready to give up comfort? Well then, glamping is for you, Travelers Today reported.

(Dec. 5, 2016) — Blink, a new service from the high-end travel company Black Tomato, allows you to stay in a custom-built hotel anywhere in the world, Fast Company reported.

(Nov. 22, 2016) — The Fort Worden Public Development Authority executive committee is considering the idea of turning Fort Worden into a “glamping” destination for tourists looking for something a little fancier than the usual tent or RV, Peninsula Daily News reported.

(Nov. 18, 2016) — A group of adventurers who were stuck on Marlborough’s Clarence River during Monday’s earthquake are feeling lucky to be back on solid ground in Nelson, Stuff reported.

(Nov. 16, 2016) — It’s a step up from glamping and a way to get more visitors out to the Gorge, KPTV reported. Though Roger Hicks provides unique cabin RV rentals, he’s hoping they catch on as affordable homes.

(Nov. 15, 2016) — Glamping is a growing trend for travelers who want to camp, but want to keep things luxurious. Curious about this new type of travel? There is a growing number of establishments around the world that cater to this new travel concept. Here are some of them.

(Nov. 10, 2016) — Glamping in the forests of Dorset, England just got a lot more comfortable thanks to the recently constructed Woodsman’s Treehouse. It’s available to rent, and has a number of luxury features including a sauna and hot tub. So it offers campers a way to camp out in the woods, without actually having to rough it.

(Nov. 1, 2016) — Glamp-ground or fancy trailer park? AutoCamp Russian River is both, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. Opened in August in Guerneville, it’s an offshoot of the vintage Airstream trailer camp in Santa Barbara.

(Oct. 25, 2016) — When I tell people I grew up camping, I conveniently omit the fact that said excursions took place in my grandparents’ motorhome… with air conditioning… and satellite TV, Charlotte Agenda reported.

(Oct. 25, 2016) — The Woodman’s Treehouse is one glamping location that was recently completed near Dorset, England.

(Oct. 21, 2016) — If you’re a fan of HBO’s hot new show Westworld, you will definitely enjoy a little taste of the wild west much closer to home in central Florida at Westgate River Ranch, Haute Living reported.

(Oct. 18, 2016) — A funeral director has told how he wants to bring a “bit of life” back into his area with a quirky glamping village where guests can sleep in a vintage train.

(Oct. 13, 2016) — Aeroplanes usually form only a small part of the holiday experience, flying us to sunny spots around the world, The Sun reported.

(Oct. 13, 2016) — America’s National Parks have long drawn intrepid travellers from around the world to marvel at their rugged beauty, Daily Mail reported.

(Oct. 11, 2016) — PurePods are tiny bungalows located right in the heart of New Zealand’s countryside. With a cosy double bed, luxury shower and a full-equipped kitchen, the pods provide the ultimate glamping experience.

(Oct. 7, 2016) — Bonaire has a new hotel, and it’s not quite like any other in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Journal reported. It’s called the Red Palm Village, and it bills itself as a “glamping” resort, or, for the uninitiated, a “glamour camping” hotel.

(Oct. 6, 2016) — More young families could soon be attracted to holiday on the holy isle of Iona in Scotland if plans for a new campsite are given the go-ahead.

(Oct. 5, 2016) — An initiative to help kick-start a luxury camping business in the north-east has been awarded more than £30,000 of funding, The Press and Journal reported.

(Oct. 3, 2016) — A “glamping” operator who has spent thousands of pounds fighting to stop a wind turbine is refusing to give up – even though the device has already been delivered to the site, WMNJ Bayley reported.

(Sept. 30, 2016) — At Nevada City’s new Inn Town Campground, the safari-style glamping tents boast cozy beds, vintage furniture and electric blankets — and the camp store traffics in gourmet marshmallows and sauvignon blanc, the Mercury News reported.


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