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(Jan. 15, 2019) — According to Bob Thompson, transformation expert and founder of Legion Transformation Centers, in order to accomplish anything you need a strategic plan, you also have to do things that make you uncomfortable.

(Dec. 18, 2018) — It’s finally here!! All the details on our third annual Wonderful Women In Waxahachie event!! April 25-28, 2019. Registration is now open!

(Dec. 11, 2018) — The Molly Jogger Ice Box has been a favorite I’ve been using this new “old” Ice Box on my bar now for two years. It is where I store the ice I am going to use in a drink.

WASHINGTON — We have spent this year exploring all of the different kinds of RV’s available. Today we are looking at the tried and true Pop Up trailer. That magic box that so many of us grew up camping in and that is still out there today. On today’s show we are taking a look …

Girl Camper: Pop up trailer explored with Marry Ellen Read More »

(Nov. 27, 2018) — My summer of fun with my Mini Max by Liberty Outdoors has come to an end and the good folks at Liberty are donating her to charity!!

(Nov. 22, 2018) — When she first dreamed the dream she thought a Class C was her destination but she took my advice and rented one before diving in. There were things she didn’t like.

(Nov. 14, 2018) — I am happy to welcome Kate Dunbar to the podcast today. She’s a former restaurateur, the genius behind Kate’s Curios Kitchen blog, Campground of the Week Podcast correspondent and hostess with the mostest at Girl Camping events all over.

(Nov. 8, 2018) — On this weeks show we continue our exploration of the different types of RV’s and their pros and cons. The Class A motohome is the largest in the motorized family ranging in length from 21’ to 45’. This list of attributes and drawbacks is not meant to be a comprehensive study of the coaches but my observations from years of viewing them at RV shows, talking with owners and former owners and as an RV owner myself.

(Oct. 31, 2018) — On this weeks show I welcome DeBorah Loomis. Her entry into the Girl Camping World reads like an episode of I love Lucy. Every imaginable thing went wrong but Deborah just kept searching for that side door. She was determined to make her dream happen. Her story is a lesson in hope, perseverance, and faith.

(Oct. 24, 2018) — On this week’s show I continue my Fall Gear Guide. Last week we covered all of the things having to do with Food Fun. This week we are moving on to cover all the other gear relating to camping and glamping. I’m going to start with a few glamping items.

(Oct. 17, 2018) — It’s that time of year again and I am sharing my favorite gear from my summer camping adventures. I am starting off this two part series with all things food!! My favorite things that made prepping, cooking, serving and eating better!

(Oct. 9, 2018) — On this week’s show I have the honor of interviewing a woman I greatly admire, Vicki Hill. Vicki is an avid hiker, outdoors-woman and experienced Car Camper.

(Oct. 2, 2018) — On this weeks show I welcome Joel Holland, owner and COO of Harvest Hosts, a network of wineries, farms and unique locations that offer overnight parking for fully contained RV’s.

(Sept. 25, 2018) — While I was doing the driving I was tutoring my daughter on things to be aware of when behind the wheel. I used Mark Polk’s tips for towing to teach her road awareness, merging rules, and safe speeds for the conditions and terrain. As we rolled along though I saw a few things that became lessons in the “what not to do” category.

(Sept. 19, 2018) — On this weeks show I’m sharing Jason Stevenson’s Ten Hiking Blunders Beginners Make. Jason is the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Backpacking and Hiking.

(Sept. 17, 2018) — Today I am looking more closely at the Leave No Trace Program. I have always thought that the program was a single directive, “take out what you brought in.”

(Sept. 5, 2018) — In July I had the opportunity to camp at Mill Creek Campground in Mackinac City, Michigan when Liberty Outdoors hosted its annual Tear Stock event there. It’s a large family owned campground started in 1965 and is still owned by the same family today.

(Aug. 31, 2018) — On this week’s show I welcome my very own real life sister Natalie Hill. Natalie is a wife, mom and the founder of Holdyou Foundation, the official charity of the Girl Camper Podcast.

(Aug. 28, 2018) — On this week’s show I welcome my very own real life sister Natalie Hill. Natalie is a wife, mom and the founder of Holdyou Foundation, the official charity of the Girl Camper Podcast.

(Aug. 21, 2018) — On this week’s show I am continuing my exploration of all the available trailer types out there for Girl Campers and everyone else and this time it’s my personal favorite, the Teardrop trailer.


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