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Continuing The Gadget Guru’s conversation series with executives in the motorhome industry, Andy Pargh interviews Justin Humphreys, the chief operating officer of Airstream.

(Dec. 19, 2018) — While DJI seemingly came from nowhere to become the worldwide leader in consumer drones, over the past three years they have made attempts at entering the handheld stabilized video camera market.

(Oct. 5, 2018) — While you may think that we’ve become experts in the world of motorhome travel, nothing could be further from the truth. In this video, we’ll will highlight some of the “dumb” things they’ve done while traveling.

(Aug. 22, 2018) — If you remember the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous TV show, then Robin Leach’s signature tag line of champagne wishes and caviar dreams may be appropriate for this $700,000 luxury motorhome bungalow and the ultimate in glamping resorts.

(Aug. 1, 2018) — Part 3 of the Gadget Guru’s Escape The Humidity Road Trip contains two overnight stops on our adventure: A KOA campground in Sweetwater, TN and a State Park in Boonsborough, Ky.

(July 30, 2018) — Siren and myself are traveling in my Prevost X3 motorhome and in the midst of a vacation I’ve named, The Gadget Guru’s Escape The Humidity Road Trip

(July 20, 2018) — While traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV) can be considered the ultimate way to see the USA, planning an extended trip, or even a weekend getaway can be a stressful experience.

(May 7, 2018) — One of the more confusing aspects of ownership is how to safely tow a vehicle behind a motorhome. Simply stated, there’s many terms associated with towing that can sound like a foreign language to a new owner.

(May 1, 2018) — Believe it or not, this is Part 10 of The Gadget Guru’s Prevost for Newbies video series. In previous posts I’ve covered various aspects of shopping for a new or pre-owned luxury motorcoach as well as understanding the operations of a Prevost motorhome.

(Feb. 12, 2018) — When it comes to watching movies and TV shows at home, I’m an old school guy. While it seems that some are satisfied watching movies on phones and tablets, I prefer watching programming on the largest screen possible.

(Feb. 12, 2018) — As a Prevost owner, This is one the question I’ve been asked on multiple occasions: What is it like to drive Prevost?

(Feb. 7, 2018) — I’ll admit, when I was perusing the aisles at the RV Super Show in Tampa last month, I almost kept walking past Jupiter Bike’s small booth.

(Sept. 22, 2017) — When the image of Winnebago’s new Revel RV first appeared on my computer screen, I was intrigued. In fact, my initial thought was, “What in the heck is this thing?”

(June 19, 2017) — For people who own a newer diesel-powered motorhome, there’s a good chance it requires diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). But what is DEF and what’s the rule of thumb on how to use it? Gadget Guru Andy Pargh asked on his blog.

(May 18, 2017) — “Posting a review that states flaws that are correctable can be a positive influence as it could motivate those in charge to institute changes that could benefit users, or in the case of the Grand Lake RV & Golf Resort, benefit future visitors. This is what I’m hoping to accomplish,” wrote Pargh.

(May 5, 2017) — “This interview is an unscripted, candid conversation that focuses on the differences between Prevost conversions and top tier Class A motorhomes and provides insight to anyone who’s considering a purchase of this magnitude,” said Pargh.

(Feb. 15, 2017) — “This is the only award that is voted on by the attendees and, to my knowledge, it’s the first time a bus has taken this honor over the vintage automobiles on display,” Pargh told RV Daily Report.

(Feb. 1, 2017) — In the video Pargh produced, people can meet Steve Guillaume, the president of the Spartan Motors Specialty Vehicle Division. They discuss a variety of motorhome-related topics, but especially the recently-introduced Spartan’s Collision Mitigation System.

(Jan. 12, 2017) — Andy Pargh, also known as the Gadget Guru, is adding reviews of upscale RV parks to his website, which features information about technology and motorhomes.


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