Elkhart County

(Oct. 17, 2018) — The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that Elkhart County led the state’s largest counties with a 4.7 percent employment gain from March 2017 to March 2018.

(Oct. 8, 2018) — Twenty-two companies planned to expand in Indiana in the coming months, investing $154 million and creating as many as 1,090 jobs.

(July 25, 2018) — Mayor Tim Neese and other guests acknowledged the need to retain those who graduate from local high schools and colleges.

(June 27, 2018) — In Elkhart County, and especially in the RV industry, there’s a lot of vacant jobs that need filled. That’s a problem that robots can come in to help, reported WNDU.

(May 14, 2018) — lkhart’s RV makers are expanding. This dynamic has caused Elkhart’s unemployment rate to plunge to an absurdly low 2.2 percent.


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