Drivin’ and Vibin’

(Jan. 15, 2019) — The week we scored an awesome site for free camping in Parker, Arizona! Free camping, also know as boondocking or dry camping, is a great way to economically explore the USA.

(Nov. 26, 2018) — If you’re searching for those perfect RV Christmas gifts, you’ve come to the right spot. Each year we compile a list of presents that will be perfect for the RVer in your life!

(Nov. 13, 2018) — I think sometimes there’s a dreamy misconception about RV Life. It’s exciting, the prospect of leaving everything behind for a simpler life, full of beauty and adventure. And this lifestyle is all those things, but it comes with its own struggles, hardships and constant repairs. So if you’re considering hitting the road to escape all your problems, think again.

(Nov. 9, 2018) — If you love RV living and exploring the USA, boondocking will get you deeper into those rich experiences you desire. It will introduce you to new areas (where the tourists don’t go). And, best of all, it will be kind to your wallet!

(Nov. 1, 2018) — After 3 years of living and traveling full time in a vintage camper, we’ve learned the essential tools for RV living. Keep in mind – everyone travels differently. These are the tools that work for us.

(Oct. 31, 2018) — After a great weekend at NomadFEST in Wellington (TX), we headed back to Alabama to finish our Airstream Renovation. The French Quarter RV Resort was a perfect stopping point to enjoy two final days of vacation!

(Oct. 22, 2018) — NomadFEST is here and the much anticipated premier of The RV Nomads movie! The event includes so many fun activities, entertainment, presentations and good food!

(Oct. 1, 2018) — RV Living is a rapidly growing trend in the USA. “RV Unit Shipments” have seen year over year growth for the last nine years. In fact, the annual number of shipments has almost tripled since 2009.

(Sept. 28, 2018) — We love great music for the road – that’s why we’re super excited for Mark Knopfler’s Down The Road Wherever. This marks the 9th solo album from the former Dire Straits frontman.

(Sept. 26, 2018) — Autumn is finally here for RV life! We don’t have much of a fall season here on the Gulf Coast, it just goes from bright green to brown. The weather also leaves much to be desired, so I’m dreaming of golden aspens and cozy sweaters!

(Sept. 17, 2018) — Airstream Insulation is a highly debated topic among the airstream forums. Theres spray foam, reflectix, mineral wool, fiberglass, recycled denim, foam board and more. There are so many options and differing opinions.

(Sept. 6, 2018) — We bought our Nature’s Head Composting toilet about 3 years ago. We’ve had plenty of time to discover the pros and cons of this unit and we’re going to share our experience with you today.

(Aug. 28, 2018) — We have quite a few RV memberships that we use to make RV life easier, more affordable and more fun! We have many more than 8 but these are some of our favorite and most useful memberships.

(Aug. 28, 2018) — Do you want to learn how to make money while living in an RV full time? Our new collaboration series aims to help you with just that!

(Aug. 26, 2018) — Welcome to our blog series about RV Jobs. Last week we learned about working as a CPA & author while traveling. Today we’re diving deep into the life of a Social Media Marketer who lives and travels full time in an RV.

(Aug. 21, 2018) — We’ve been getting to know our Airstream Argosy for about 7 months now. We bought it sight unseen in January, and knew it was a big project. It was completely gutted and had no floors, but we saw the potential to build our very own dream rig.

(Aug. 10, 2018) — RV Living is gaining major attention these days. In fact, RV sales are at an all time high in the USA. But, the question remains: Is RV Living for you?

(Aug. 7, 2018) — We’ll be sharing 10 lessons from 10 different full time RVers. These lessons are all about the following: What one thing do you wish you knew before starting RV life?

(Aug. 3, 2018) — We have the Argosy in one piece and can finally get to work on the Airstream floor plan! Can I get a Hallelujah?! It’s been a long journey to get to this point, 6 months to be exact, but here we are.

(July 31, 2018) — Our vintage Airstream renovation began in March 2018. The task at hand: completely renovate a 24 foot, 1979 Airstream Argosy to be used for full time RV travels.


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