Chris Trapeni

(May 20, 2014) — “Lazydays realized early in its company history that it wouldn’t be successful by selling just one RV to a customer,” said Trapeni. “The company could only be successful if it sold every RV to that customer.”

(April 23, 2014) — With RV Daily Report officially “on the road,” Gerber starts with a visit to the Winnebago Dealer Days event in Las Vegas where he had a chance to talk with President Randy Potts about the direction of the company. He also recaps a conversation with Scott Degnan, the company’s vice president of brand development about Winnebago’s new branding initiative. The first stop in the RV was at the Lazydays KOA where Gerber had a chance to interview Chris Trapeni, the general manager of Lazydays Tucson.


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