(June 14, 2016) — The State Fair of West Virginia Event Center said it will host more than 700 campers for a week starting June 28 when the Wally Byam Caravan Club International holds its 59th annual convention and rally.

(June 7, 2016) — With customized RV routing, directories of RV parks, services, route warnings, elevation profiles and hands-free features, the RV-IN801 gives Airstream users the confidence and freedom to sit back and enjoy the open road.

(June 7, 2016) — Airstream announced its top dealer rankings based on retail units sold between May 2015 and May 2016 during the company’s recent dealer meeting in Columbus, Ohio.

(June 1, 2016) — Starting at 9 a.m. on June 4, Bretz RV and Marine will display brand new Airstream RVs during their second annual Airstream Expo at Caras Park in Missoula, Mont.

(May 25, 2016) — For nearly four years, Hive — a roving cocktail lounge in a retrofitted 1983 Airstream trailer — has been serving at weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties in the Boston, Mass., area.

(May 25, 2016) — Roger Wilson, and his wife, Anne, still remembers the conversation from nearly 20 years ago that helped them make a decision to travel North and Central America for 18 years and counting.

(May 19, 2016) — Visitors are invited to learn about old-timer camping at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park’s annual Vintage Camper Gathering June 11.

(May 13, 2016) — Cellar 82 owner Kasey Boudreau has turned a vintage Airstream trailer into a roving wine cellar and posh party space.

(May 13, 2016) — Nearly 200 members of the Wally Bynum Caravan Club International in more than 80 of the silver, bullet-like Airstream campers are camped out at the Branch County Fairgrounds for six days of touring this area.

(May 12, 2016) — An extended road trip tends to involve a slew of camping gear or a heavy trailer hitched to a massive vehicle. Not anymore. The execs over at Airstream have revealed their plans for a mini, lightweight trailer with all the features and luxury of a larger model.

(May 6, 2016) — Get ready for a huge celebration loaded with great food, wine, gardens, learning, celebrity chef demos, and a whole “Airstream Village” of Airstream and other trailers as cocktail bars, retail shops and homes at the upcoming 18th Annual Sunset Celebration Weekend in California.

(May 4, 2016) — Dayton Business Journal reported last week the Jackson Center-based maker of iconic aluminum-body RVs is looking to expand yet again.

(May 3, 2016) — Instead of mimicking the sleek, retro-futuristic exterior, Airstream owners Erin and Travis and designer Mathew Holdren decided to give it a rustic look on the inside, almost like a country cottage.

(April 29, 201)6) — Bob Wheeler, president and chief executive officer of the Jackson Center-based producer of iconic alumnum-body RVs, said three big business moves are pushing its continued growth. This may lead to capital investments and plans to increase employment to more than 800 workers.

(April 27, 2016) — Just one day after the founder of “Urban Air” announced the unique urban camping event is off, Eaton Rapids, Mich., city officials are determined to line downtown streets with Airstream travel trailers for a fifth consecutive year.

(April 26, 2016) — A collaboration between two brands, Airstream and Mercedes-Benz continue many shared traditions in the Interstate: attention to detail, use of premium materials, and handcrafted quality, according to The DuPont Registry.

(April 25, 2016) — French builder La Tiny House is one of the European tiny house pioneers, having started a couple of years ago and completing about 15 small dwellings since.

(April 25, 2016) — Domenic Gallego has taken modern technology, the concept of the view camera and the photo booth and mashed them all into a wonderful and clever new camera that is also a clever new business.

(April 14, 2016) — If you are Mike and Kathy McGovern, you are there because you have your hearts set on an Airstream, one you purchased online through a dealer who buys, restores and sells vintage campers. You just want to make sure it is not a dream and this 1968 beauty will be sitting right there in the field. You want to believe the first part of your adventure is well underway, since there will be plenty of unknown territory to follow.

(April 13, 2016) — When Tim Horn visits the Airstream Fine Art Invitational later this spring, he’ll be coming home to Ohio. Horn has been painting Airstreams for over 10 years.


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