Gold Partnership

  • Partner page on RV Daily Report
  • Four press releases posted on RV Daily Report per month
  • One staff-written story per month
  • Two blog posts prepared by and linked on RV Daily Report per month
  • One podcast interview per year
  • One video posted on RV Daily Report per month
  • Two social media posts on RV Daily Report accounts per month
  • One email blast to RV Daily Report readers per year
  • One special four-page PDF publication per year
  • 15% discount on advertising on RV Daily Report
  • Other discounts available for annual commitments paid in advance

12-month commitment required


Partner page: A separate page on RV Daily Report providing a description of the firm, images/descriptions of products or services, contact information, and links to stories about the company that have been published on RV Daily Report.

Press releases: RV Daily Report will publish four full press releases submitted by the business partner every month. All press releases are edited to ensure they comply with Associated Press style requirements.

Staff-written stories: The RV Daily Report staff will conduct an interview and write one story per month about the company, a staff member, customer, product or service. The company can review the story before publication and even send it as a press release to other media outlets.

Blog post preparation with a link to RV Daily Report: The RV Daily Report staff will prepare two 300- to 600-word blog post every month on topics of the company’s choosing for the firm to post on its own website. Then, RV Daily Report will link to the blog post from its website, and it will also be included in that day’s newsletter.

Podcast interview: Once a year, the RV Daily Report editor will interview someone from the company in a 25-minute recorded podcast where the guest can tell his or her story, their way, in their words.

Videos posted on RV Daily Report: RV Daily Report will link to a company-supplied video once a month on either the home page or article view page. Videos can only be linked from YouTube or Vimeo, or RV Daily Report will upload it to its own YouTube channel.

Social media posts on RV Daily Report accounts: The RV Daily Report staff will link to two videos, stories, blog posts or notices each month on its Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Email blasts to RV Daily Report readers: RV Daily Report will send out a separate email once a year promoting a brief message from the business partner.

Special publication PDF: The RV Daily Report staff will prepare a four-page company profile, product profile or combination of the two on behalf of the company. It will be distributed via the RV Daily Report newsletter and made available on the RV Daily Report website.

Advertising discount: Gold-level business partners can take a 15% discount when booking banner advertising on RV Daily Report’s website or newsletter, whether an annual schedule or single ads.