Shurhold’s Serious Shine keeps screens spiffy

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PALM CITY, Fla. — Anyone who’s ever used a touchscreen knows how dirty it can get, even without fingers covered in hand cream or sunblock. A late night bucket of chicken brings smudging to a whole new level.

Shurhold Industries’ Serious Shine is an aerosol spray that cleans, polishes and protects in one step, without any greasy residue, the release claimed.

After shaking well, spray a light mist of Serious Shine directly onto the screen from 6 to 8 inches away. No waiting is needed before it’s wiped off with a microfiber towel. Flip the towel to a dry surface and buff lightly.

The result is a deep clean that provides an anti-static, high gloss finish that protects from UV damage, the release noted.

Paper towels shouldn’t be used as they can scratch delicate screens, nor cotton rags that can cause smears. Microfiber towels work best to trap and lift dirt, moisture, grease and oils, the company noted.

Shurhold’s three-pack includes the yellow towel for general washing and cleaning, dark blue for polishing and shining, and light blue for cleaning and wiping.

The product can also be used on other surfaces including vinyl, glass, fiberglass, rubber and stainless steel.

A 14-ounce can of Shurhold Serious Shine is $16.98. The microfiber towels variety three-pack is $19.98.

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SOURCE: Shurhold press release

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber

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    Where else can one find a product review like this and and inspiring article about Yellowstone National Park within a few clicks of each other? Bravo, Greg.

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      Thanks for the support. I try hard to provide a healthy balance of good, bad and indifferent. Hopefully, with 150 to 200 stories a week, we provide something of value to everyone.

      Editor, RV Daily Report

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