ReVo Leveler takes the stress out of positioning RVs

SARVER, Pa. — ReVo Leveler helps RV owners position their travel trailers and fifth wheels without getting out of the tow vehicle. Using device visible in a rear-view mirror, RV owners can instantly determine what board thickness to place under wheels to level a unit left to right, and know the amount of jack extension needed to level the RV front to back.

“The ReVo Leveler removes all guessing associated with getting an RV level at a campsite,” said Larry Karan, developer of the ReVo Leveler. “There’s no more trial and error, no ‘that’s good enough,’ no more ‘whoa’ and no ‘discussions’ with your spouse — at least not about leveling, disconnect or connect heights.”

The 3-inch cube weighs 9.4 ounces and is intended to replace bubble levels. It is not an automatic leveling system.

Features and benefits include:

  • Indicating arrows are visible from the driver side mirror, which makes leveling left to right a one person job without getting out of the tow vehicle.
  • Installs in seconds. The nest attaches to the trailer with permanent outdoor double back tape. It requires no holes to be drilled into a trailer.
  • The software allows the initial setup to take place anywhere the owner is able to level left and right using boards or ramps.
  • In the disconnect mode, it shows the amount of jack extension needed before the owner can disconnect so there will be enough jack travel to reach level front to back when the campsite is uphill.
  • Digital readout displays values in tenths of inches. Users can get boards one-quarter to one-eighth inch thickness to ensure exact leveling.
  • Rechargeable battery with 12-volt car charger adapter and cable included inside back cover. Battery life is 30 hours of use.
  • Stored values are not erased, if the battery goes dead.
  • Designed by an experienced RVer.
  • Does not affect any factory wiring. Use the trailer manufacturer’s supplied method to move the trailer up and down.  ReVo Leveler shows which direction to go and when to stop.
  • Connect a fifth wheel without stopping, getting out to reposition the trailer, then climbing back into the truck to connect. Users will be at the right height regardless of terrain.
  • Whether manual or electric, why move the tongue jack more than necessary when leveling a travel trailer. Less travel means more life, for the motor or an arm.
  • ReVo Leveler nests on a permanent mount when in use and removed for storage when not.  Left and right nests are supplied so ReVo Leveler can be mounted on either side of a trailer.
  • Protective pouch included when the device is being stored inside a storage bin.
  • Printed operation instructions are included and are also available online.
  • ReVo Leveler can be programmed with slideouts open so any frame or box flex will be taken into consideration and added to or subtracted from the board thickness for proper leveling left to right.

For more information, call 844.785.3835, e-mail or visit

ReVo Leveler 2

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber

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