New GPS tracker enables vehicle tracking virtually anywhere

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — GPS Intelligence, a leading provider of GPS tracking solutions for commercial and government applications, has recently released the ToughTrack PRO – All Weather GPS vehicle tracker. This tough, GPS tracker is uniquely designed for tracking vehicles and equipment that may sit idle for extended time periods. The ToughTrack PRO provides an ideal tracking solution for both land and marine recreational vehicles and equipment. Its durable, dust-proof and water resistant casing enables users to monitor and track assets in virtually any environment.

The ToughTrack PRO GPS tracker is used to live track a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, ATVs, watercraft, motorcycles, trailers, utility vehicles and heavy equipment. Its small size and super-sensitive, next-generation GPS technology ensures that vehicles can be monitored 24/7, from a PC, smartphone or other mobile device.

Businesses and individuals that want to secure, monitor and recover high dollar assets and vehicles will appreciate the versatility of the ToughTrack PRO. The internal GPS and cellular antennas make the ToughTrack PRO easy to install, while an internal back-up battery increases anti-theft measures to provide continued tracking even when the power supply is cut. ToughTrack PRO ensures that vehicles can be tracked at all times, and easily recovered when necessary.

The ToughTrack PRO is equipped with both Ignition On and Motion Alerts to notify users when any unauthorized vehicle movement occurs. Geo-fence settings also notify users when vehicles enter into, or exist, any of 10 user-defined geographic areas. When triggered, alerts report unauthorized activity directly to users through email and text notifications.

Also included with the ToughTrack PRO are two relay outputs that enable users to remotely trigger anti-theft and tamper-prevention measures including starter disable, door lock, horn, lights, and more. Plus, an extra input enables users to define a custom alert that may include ignition on, trunk open, trailer disconnect, primary power cut, or any other user defined event.

GPS Intelligence provides a custom online tracking site known as CovertTrack, to provide Real-Time Aerial Tracking to their GPS tracking users. The world-class features found on the site are convenient and easy-to-use, with tracking displayed down to sub-minute intervals. Tracking can be accessed on any internet accessible computer or pda-style cellphone, with No Software Downloads necessary.

The ToughTrack PRO is available for purchase with service plans to meet every application and budget. For more information contact Kirk Waltz – Commercial Sales Manager at 480.661.1916.

About GPS Intelligence, LLC

Founded in 2006 in Scottsdale, Ariz., GPS Intelligence, LLC is an LBS company that specializes in GPS tracking solutions for law enforcement, government, and commercial applications.

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SOURCE: GPS Intelligence, LLC

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