Lippert Components introduces new Victory Step for RVs

ELKHART, Ind. — Lippert Components has introduced the Victory Step, the latest innovative addition to its ever-expanding line of entrance steps for RVs. Toy hauler ramp doors have evolved into much more than just a way to get your motorcycle or ATV into your garage. Today, ramp doors add valuable living space to the RV.

The Victory Step improves on earlier designed ramp door entrance steps in several ways. It allows for a sturdier and easier way for owners to enter the ramp door patio from outside the RV. The most beneficial aspect of the Victory Step comes from its intelligently engineered design that puts the RV owner first. The Victory Step is collapsible to a width of about four inches. Previous ramp door entrance steps were essentially one-piece stairs that were bulky, heavy and hard to transport. With the Victory Step’s enhanced design, the steps can be easily collapsed and stored.

“We’re excited to bring this new product to the market. We carefully developed the Victory Step from customer feedback and by assessing the shortcomings from other products in the market,” said Scott McKinnon, product manager at LCI.

The Victory Step offers easy-to-install garage storage brackets. Owners can simply install these brackets into the garage wall, and the Victory Step snaps right into place in a position where it’s leaning against the wall brackets. This puts most of the weight of the step on the trailer floor and minimizes the stress that the step puts on the garage wall while in transit. LCI engineers completed a rigorous, 1000-mile test track journey and the product passed with flying colors.

The vertical rise and horizontal run between each step is uniformly adjustable. That means, depending on the height of the ramp door, the RV owner can adjust the distance they are traveling between each step, making climbing and descending the steps easier and safer. By contrast, other steps only have telescoping legs to adjust their height which can result in the first step tread being extremely high, possibly up to 12 inches.

The Victory Step was developed with input from manufacturer partners and includes optional accessories such as a handrail and a garage mounting system. From inception, the Victory Step was designed to relieve potential stow issues, and its lightweight, aluminum construction makes the step easy to handle and place in storage. The step’s aluminum construction also prevents rusting when exposed to the outdoor elements.

Featuring a variety of configurations and accessory options, owners can choose to purchase the base step, the base step with handrail, or the base step with handrail and garage mount system, suiting any and all needs. For higher patios, triple and quad step configurations are available.

For more information, visit or contact Scott McKinnon at


SOURCE: Lippert Components Inc. press release

Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

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