Interstate Plastics introduces industrial strength RV jack pads

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Interstate Plastics now utilizes UHMW technology found in industrial equipment outrigger pads in its premiere line of hand-machined recreational vehicle jack pads, the company announced today. Fabricated UHMW thermoplastic construction with safety texturing prevents expensive damage to recreational vehicles and trailers by taking the load emitted from support jacks or outrigger feet, and dispersing it over a large unbreakable surface area. This creates a gripped footprint that dissipates excessive stress on both paved surfaces and soft soil while simultaneously eliminating pad bending. Interstate Plastics jack pads safely secure and support any RV.

Conventional base pad and utility block alternatives made from Polypropylene or cheaper plastics become risky business when holding up a motorhome, especially when family members lodge inside, according to a press release from Interstate. Specifically designed for use with stack jacks, fifth wheel stabilizers, swing down stabilizers and awning arms to keep them from sinking into soft ground, travelers using Interstate Plastics’ heavy-duty RV jack pads rest easy knowing their pads are unbreakable, gripping and handling compressive loads up to 2,500 pounds per square inch; enough to support any vehicle on the road, says the release.

Unlike traditional alternatives, Interstate Plastics hand-machined jack pads do not splinter, rot over time, or hold moisture, and with advanced UHMW technology, Interstate Plastics jack pads are 15 percent lighter than the competition, states the release. They feature a built-in heavy grip handle and curved edges, making them easy and safe to carry and store. Interstate Plastics jack pads will never need replacement, and work under a broad temperature range, protecting recreational vehicles in any weather conditions from icy arctic blizzards to relentless desert heat.

Jack pads provided by Interstate Plastics feature UHMW technology that demonstrates unbreakable strength and grip needed for high performance load distribution. This portable high performance load distribution spreads the smaller footprint of an RV jack over a larger surface area on both solid and soft ground, better than any alternative on the market, says the release. The standard color is black, measuring one square foot, however custom sizes are available through special order. Each and every custom sized jack pad is machined in the U.S. by trained material experts and fabricators.

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SOURCE: Interstate Plastics press release

Kelly Cauthorn

Kelly Cauthorn

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  • Michelle E. says:

    Interstate Plastics rocks! I purchased RV jack pads for my dad’s 5th wheel through them, and their customer service team made the order smooth and easy. I had the jack pads custom made and Interstate Plastics did a flawless job. I highly recommend them and their sturdy jack pads.

  • Chris Esar says:

    These work wonderfully and come at a price point that can’t be beat unless you’re willing to work with wood or something potentially unsafe. These really are sturdy, effective, and still lightweight for easy transport. We use them on the family camper, and it’s the best we’ve tried yet.

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