Hughes Autoformers launches Power Watchdog EPO

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ANAHEIM, Calif. — Hughes Autoformer announced it has launched the Power Watchdog EPO (Emergency Power Off) version of its advanced smart surge protection.

The company already produces voltage booster/regulators that correct high and low voltage before it travels to the coach from shore power.

The Power Watchdog EPO is a mid-line product that utilizes the technology of a Bluetooth app along with the automatic shut off and restart of an energy management system (EMS). EPO is the industry equivalent of EMS for auto shutoff surge protectors, the release explained.

The Power Watch Dog EPO continuously monitors all power conditions including low voltage, high voltage, open neutral, open ground, reverse polarity, how many volts the park is providing, how many amps users are drawing, and even how many kilowatt hours people have used in that particular park.

The patent pending feature about the Power Watchdog is that all this information can be viewed on a smartphone.

Volts, amps and kilowatt hours can be seen in real time by the customer. In dangerous power conditions, the Watchdog will shut down the RV and immediately send an alert to the customer’s phone via Bluetooth.

These alerts inform the customer why the power has been been shut down and what they should do. Once the Power Watchdog has shut off the RV, it will keep the power off until it sees the problem has been corrected and the RV has been safe for 90 seconds. The Watchdog will then automatically turn on the RV’s power.

The Power Watchdog EPO, like all Hughes Autoformers products, have replaceable surge protection. The Watchdog unit will notify the user if the 2400 joules in the 30-amp model or 4800 joules in the 50-amp model have been exhausted.

The customer then contacts Hughes Autoformers, which will send the new surge board overnight to the customer. This is a free service for the first two years after purchase (product warranty registration required). After two years, the customer can get a replacement unit for $30 or $50, depending on the model.

The Power Watchdog features an iconic image of a watchdog on the front of the unit. The dog image is illuminated in white LED light when all is well. The image turns red when park power conditions go bad. This provides a customer with an easy visual reference to see if things are okay in the park, or not, the release explained.

The Hughes Autoformers Power Watchdog EPO comes in both hardwired and portable versions.

Packaging is bright red and with an easy-open top so customers or dealer staff can see the product without removing it.

Retail pricing for the 30-amp models average $225 and 50-amp $275. Product are available through RV dealers, distributors or by emailing Hughes Autoformer directly for more information at

SOURCE: Hughes Autoformer press release

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