Glass cleaner added to specialty cleaning products

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Bio-Kleen has made a part number and label change to include Bio-Kleen Glass Kleen, a glass and all surface cleaner, to their Marine/RV/Auto line of cleaning products.

Glass Kleen had previously only been included with the company’s household line of cleaners. Bio-Kleen decided to make the part number and label change with their Marine/RV/Auto line because of demand and requests from customers and its fit into cleaning applications for all styles of boats, RVs and autos.

Bio-Kleen Glass Kleen is a glass and all surface cleaner that is used to clean a varity of hard surfaces including: windows, mirrors, counters, Formica, floors, ceramic tile, chrome, appliances and windshields. This cleaner is sprayed on and wiped clean, leaving surfaces streak-free.

A release from the company stated the product will remove fingerprints, smoke film, regular build-up and dirt and grease. The products use will mostly be the windshields’ and glass on vehicles throughout the RV, marine and automotive industries but it can be used to clean chrome and throughout the interior of RVs. Bio-Kleen Glass Kleen is available in a variety of sizes including: 32 oz (M01307), 1 gallon (M01309), 5 gallon (M01315) and 55 gallon (M01316).

This product has the same cleaning quality and environmentally safe attributes that Bio-Kleen practices in all its products. Bio-Kleen Glass Kleen is ammonia free. The product also has no artificial fragrance added and is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-aerosol and ozone safe.

Glass Kleen is included in USDA BioPreferred, a program from the United States Department of Agriculture, which tests and approves products with bio based content in order to promote and expand green products, reduce petroleum consumption, increase the use of renewable resources, better manage the carbon cycle and contribute to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts.

For more information, visit Bio-Kleen’s website at

SOURCE: Bio-Kleen press release


Darian Armer

Darian Armer

Darian Armer was the assistant editor for RV Daily Report from 2015 to 2017. She lives in Billings, Montana, where she enjoys spending time with her husband, twins and three stepchildren. Introduced to the RV industry in 2012, she is happy to be writing for one of the greatest industries around.

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