Adjustable off-road lighting products from Rigid

GILBERT, Ariz. — The Rigid Adapt LED light bars, from Rigid Industries, are off-road lighting products that adjust instantly to driving conditions.

Having to choose one fixed beam pattern, such as a spot or flood, is now a thing of the past. The Rigid Adapt offers eight selectable beam patterns that range from broad short-distance lighting to highly focus long-distance lighting in a single fixture. Beam patterns can be selected manually with the Rigid Dash Controller, or may be placed in an adaptive mode in which Adapt engages its Active View technology to actively adjust light output suitable for your vehicle’s speed.

The Rigid Adapt’s Active View technology relies on a patent configuration of advanced LEDs and optics to modulate the intensity of the LEDs to create eight selectable beam patterns ranging from 15 to 90 degrees, then senses vehicle speed to determine beam pattern selection.

There are no moving parts, so Adapt offers the same rugged construction and will withstand all the harsh off-road conditions as other Rigid products. In addition to the main lighting, RIGID Adapt has accent lighting that gives Adapt a soft glow in any selectable color. Beam patterns, accent color and the Adaptive Mode are selected with a compact dash-mounted controller. The Dash Controller is backlit for easy nighttime use and includes a visual representation of beam pattern width, accent color, and even offers two programmable presets for the user’s preferred light settings.

The Adapt has expanded mounting capabilities including the traditional side mounts, as well as, all new stealth mounting options to enable greater versatility and better low-profile mounting. Rigid Adapt Light Bars are available in 10-inch to 50-inch lengths and include a RIGID Dash Controller, under dash module, wiring harness and mounting hardware.

Source: Rigid Industries press release


Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

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