Podcast 206 talks to futurist Jim Jubelirer

Futurists are fascinating because of the research they have done to identify trends before they unfold based on what has happened in the past. It’s a unique science mixed with art. Several predictions made by futurists at RV industry events have unfolded in the manner predicted years earlier.

This week’s guest is futurist and business coach Jim Jubelirer, the owner of Jim Jubelirer Results Group in Chapel Hill, N.C. Not only does he have some great ideas for business development and management, but he also used RVs in his travels and is familiar with the lifestyle.

He works to help businesses and industries understand the lifecycle of their customer base to capitalize not only on what is taking place in today’s market, but to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in order to zero in on the firm’s best candidates for sales.

His ideas on embracing the lifestyle of a customer is really nothing new. Before the recession the leadership of Stag-Parkway were strong advocates regarding the importance of understanding the lifecycle of a customer.

It used to be that people bought their first RV when they entered their mid-fifties. It was thought that by servicing people well at that time, dealers could sell existing customers five RVs before they got too old to travel.

But the Great Recession changed that. Existing customers couldn’t afford to buy new RVs, and dealers had to make any sales they could. That became the norm. Reel them in, and push them out, then work to reel in someone new. With the age of first RV ownership now in the 40s, perhaps dealers should pay more attention to life cycle.

It is especially important for business owners to understand demographic changes so they can prepare in advance to serve the customers and supervise the employees of that generation.

He also talks about the concept of strategic workforce development, and show what it takes for firms to really jump ahead by seeking A-level players. His idea and reasoning behind attracting A players will generate some discussion within the RV industry. Yet, it sounds like a winning formula for attracting everyone from office workers and managers to technicians

For more information, business owners can reach out to Jim Jubelier Results Group. Visit www.jubelirerresultsgroup.com.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber

A journalist who has covered the recreation vehicle industry since January 2000, Greg Gerber founded RV Daily Report on April Fool's Day in 2009. He also serves as the editor of the publication and website. As an Eagle Scout, he has enjoyed camping for decades and has visited every state except Hawaii. A DODO -- Dad of Daughters Only -- to three young women, he has two grandchildren as well. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin, Texas and Arizona. Greg can be reached at editor@rvdailyreport.com.

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