RV Daily Report Partnerships

Everyone loves stories, and there are a lot of incredible things to write about concerning the RV lifestyle and companies in the RV industry. Unfortunately, those stories aren’t often told.

In the past, RV Daily Report was focused on aggregating all the content the staff could find each day about RV dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, campground owners and RV owners. That included publishing a significant number of press releases.

However, that type of content is often available on all RV-industry publication websites. Press releases serve a function, but they don’t go far enough in telling a company’s story.

Because there is a huge demand for unique, well-written articles, RV Daily Report has developed a plan to promote businesses by generating original content on behalf of our business partners.

So, in addition to advertising, businesses can now support RV Daily Report through monthly promotion plans.

Because they support our platform, RV Daily Report’s business partners get extra love and attention in ways that go beyond banner advertising, and work to create a buzz about the companies and their products or services.

Unique, original content

By limiting press releases, we will zero in on researching and writing unique, one-of-a-kind stories, such as:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at companies in the industry.
  • Profiles about the people behind the brands.
  • Stories about people actually using products being produced by the industry.
  • Unique business management and leadership advice.
  • Inspirational success stories.
  • Features of people enjoying their RV adventures.

Partnership packages range from $19.95 to $999 per month and include staff-written stories, blog posts, special publications, videos and discounts on advertising. Those prices compare very favorably to RV-industry magazines that still charge an average of $1,650 for a single one-quarter-page ad.

Check out the RV Daily Report business partnerships in the links to the right and let us show you a new way to promote your company to an audience hungry for original material.