RV budget road trip: Gas savings tips and tricks

By Blake Slade

Almost everybody will love to go on a road trip during free time or a weekend when you are not busy, and you want to pass the time with your family members or friends. Going for a road trip with your RV gives you the freedom of visiting your favorite destinations and have fun.

The primary challenge many people face when they are planning a road trip is the gas consumption by their RV. You might end up spending a lot of gas instead of having fun in your favorite destination.

The cost of gas makes a road trip very costly for many people, but you can easily save gas if you employ these gas saving tips.

What are the tips of gas saving while on road trip?
Many people have been struggling with massive gas costs when going for road trips and sometimes you can get discouraged when you think of the gas cost. However, there are various tricks that you can employ and save the money that you spend on gas while on your trips and they are as follows:

  1. Make plans on your route; the first step should be planning on the route you will use while on road trip on the coming weekend or holiday. Avoid the route that will usually have traffic jams since the idleness at the road increased the amount of gas your RV consumes. For instance, if your vehicle consumes 1/7 gallon of gas within an hour, imagine how much you will waste when you get stuck in the traffic jam for two hours. Have plans early and consider all possible routes that you can use and avoid the jams.
  2. Avoid heavy luggage and other items; the fact is that the more heavy loads on your RV will translate to high fuel consumption which will eventually cost you more. While on your road trip you rarely need to carry heavy luggage. In case it’s necessary to take some heavy bags, consider removing some seats or other things to reduce the weight you apply to your RV. Alternatively, ensure that you only carry small baggage and items that you need and reduce the amount of gas your RV will consume.
  3. Be wise when purchasing gas; check out the gas process from different gas filling stations since the prices vary from one station to another. Look for the cheapest filling station around and make savings on the amount of cash you spend fueling your RV. Another excellent trick fuel your RV in the morning since the gas is denser when it’s cold.
  4. Watch your speed; speeding can be fun, but sometimes it can cost you more since the RV will consume more gas when over speeding. Every vehicle has the ideal fuel economy mechanism depending on its speed. Therefore driving your RV at a moderate speed could be a perfect way of saving on the gas consumption.
  5. Avoid instant stops and starts; it can be fun sometimes when you step on the gas pedal and brakes but such actions increases the gas consumption. Driving responsibly could be a great idea and avoid driving like you are in a caring competition. Remember road trips are only for fun and speeding sometimes might lead to accidents. For the purpose of saving gas, drive smoothly and avoid emergency stopping unless when necessary.

How to prepare for the road trip
The preparation for a road trip should start early enough so that you have time to plan and also budget for the trip. The main mistake that many people make is to wake up one morning and decide you are going for a road trips. It turns out to be a costly affair rather than being a memorable moment with your friends or family members.

For you to have a successful and joyful road trip plan early and budget on the amount of money you are going to spend and stick to that budget. Ensure that you write down all the destinations you will be visiting and the cost too and now save for that trip.

In summary, road trips are important in improving the bond between you and your friends or family members. Before you embark on a trip make sure that you service the RV and everything is good condition for you to enjoy the trip. Carry the few essential items that you will need to avoid the high fuel consumption due to weight.


Blake Slade is the owner of Car Care Ninja and an experienced RV technician. He always provides the latest information about RV care. He likes to share his own experiences with all of us.

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    There is an old saying ~~ “if mpg or fuel costs are a concern this is the wrong hobby”.

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