New website encourages avoidance of environmental hazards

DENVER, Colo. — In the wake of a Fox News article entitled “7 Things Not to Do at a Campground,” Jonas Insurance Advisors discussed Dave Seminara’s list, adding the importance of refraining from the infliction of environmental harm while enjoying the outdoors.

Jonas Financial Advisors announced their support of Seminara’s assertions regarding camping and making camping an enjoyable experience for all campsite users; however, Seminara failed to address environmental hazards that often go unchecked by those utilizing public campsites, states a press release from Jonas Financial.

The use of plastics and styrofoam, such as styrofoam ice chests, cups, and plates, for instance, was not addressed. These materials, though often cheap and convenient, are harmful if left undisposed. Rather than using these products, consider alternative methods of food and beverage storage, such as biodegradable products, or be careful to remove and properly dispose of all substances that cannot break down into soil.

In addition, pay attention to fire hazards in the area and avoid using local plant life to build fires that are not in designated fire pits or campfire areas. Jonas Financial Advisors want to stress the importance of maintaining an environmental conscience when camping.

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SOURCE: Jonas Insurance Advisors press release

Kelly Cauthorn

Kelly Cauthorn

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