Massachusetts continues to crack down on RV tax evasion

BRIDGEWATER, Ma. — The Patriot Ledger reports the Massachusetts state inspector general issued an initial report last month detailing 32 RVs that had been purchased by 23 different Montana LLCs, had Montana license plates, but were garaged in the Bay State.

According to the newspaper, “The Department of Revenue has been following up and sending out state sales-tax bills to offending parties. By last week, the department had collected approximately $138,000 of the $250,000 in bills it had sent to 30 Massachusetts residents. The department had another $150,000 worth of bills it had not yet sent out.

By registering the RV in Montana, the newspaper says the buyer avoids Massachusetts sales and excise taxes, which Montana does not charge. But, the newspaper explains, once an RV is garaged in Massachusetts for 30 days, it’s considered a Massachusetts vehicle and is subject to state taxes.

To read the complete report in The Patriot Ledger, click here.

Rebecca Kanable

Rebecca Kanable

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  • Gary Doolittle says:

    Taxing districts still don’t get it. Each taxing distric (state, county, local) needs to be competitive, just like private businesses. When customers do not see value for their money, they will find ways to avoid the tax. Tax avoidance is a citizens right. Tax evasion is illegal and should be punished. This is tax avoidance. If taxation was fair and equatable across the country, this would be a moot point. For me, one should know the rules and then do what can be done to pay the least amount of tax.

  • Bob Taylor says:

    How would this law apply to workers who travel to Mass. to work for the summer? Some states are out of control. I agree with Gary Doolittle.

  • Sue says:

    Buying their rvs in Montana ought to be sending a message to the state of Massachusetts. If I were those individuals who got the tax bill, I would move out of the state.

  • Mike in Maine says:

    I would challenge the term “garaged” – if it’s in use then it’s not garaged, is it???

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