In Florida: residents frustrated over conflicting RV storage rules

WELLINGTON, Fla. — Wellington has enforced laws for years that a recreational vehicle must be parked on the side or rear of a lot and behind a maximum 6-foot wall, fence or landscaping. But the vehicle must not be “clearly visible,” presenting a slight problem, reported the Palm Beach Post.

“If it’s 15 feet high but behind a 6-foot fence, then I’m sorry, but my sight says it’s clearly visible,” resident Donna Weaver said.

Mayor Pro Tem Carmine Priore said resident’s frustration with the contradiction is nothing new.

“You cannot have a requirement that says you can’t have a hedge that’s more than 6 feet and then expect to obscure a motor home or a travel trailer,” Priore said. “You can’t cut the whole top of the boat off and set it beside it. You can’t take the top of a travel trailer off.”

His solution is to change the rules on how tall landscaping can be.

For the complete story from the Palm Beach Post, click here.

Kelly Cauthorn

Kelly Cauthorn

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