Speaker Davey Blackburn shares how his faith brought triumph to tragedy

By Ronnie Garrett

Whenever you enter a new industry or a new job, you experience a lot of firsts. First day. First meetings. First completed projects. I expected more of the same when I left supply chain to work in the RV industry.

But there have been some firsts I didn’t predict. It’s safe to say that the RV industry has been full of some pleasant surprises.

It is the first time I’ve worked for Christian employers, who open every meeting with prayer. We pray at meals, we pray that our work glorifies God and we pray for each other. This, for me, has been a true blessing. For the first time ever, I feel comfortable bringing my faith to work every day.

It is also the first time I’ve experienced Christianity across an industry. There are RV-industry companies that publicly state their faith-based missions. And, there are those where it’s subtle; where it presents itself in a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, and in emails that close with scripture or simply the words, “God bless.” This too is a blessing as it fills my work day with positives.

Today, I attended my first industry prayer breakfast. It was, and is, an amazing way to begin a long day working a trade show. It fueled my soul and readied me for the day ahead.

Those in attendance at today’s RVI Leadership Prayer Breakfast, held from 7-8:30 a.m. in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, heard from Davey Blackburn, who told attendees that nothing is wasted. God brings triumph even in our tragedies.

Blackburn made national headlines on Nov. 10, 2015, when he came home to discover that his wife, Amanda, had been shot in the head during a home invasion while the couple’s 15-month-old son slept in his crib upstairs. She passed away 24 hours later. Since that time, Blackburn has been walking on a road he would have never have chosen but one that has brought the founding pastor of Resonate Church closer to his faith.

“This was a moment in which your whole world gets shattered,” he told attendees. But in the moment when he lost Amanda, he says he drew upon the “rich legacy of faith” inside of him to get through.

He pointed out scripture promises that in this world we will have trials, but Jesus also tells us in John 16:33 to “take heart I have overcome the world.”

“You can hurt with hope, and out of tragedy there can be triumph,” Blackburn said. In the midst of his own tragedy, Blackburn asked himself if he was going to worry in this moment or worship. He chose to worship.

He noted, that’s not to say he didn’t wrestle with the Lord—he did. He went through times of great peace and times where he was angry and didn’t want to live, and asked God where he was. But he said, “God is not intimidated by our questions. He welcomes them.”

Those questions, he noted, bring you deeper into your faith.  Blackburn found his peace in the Psalms, particularly Psalm 23. One of the most popular Psalms, but one that gave Blackburn the most peace in his journey.

Here’s what he learned as he turned to Psalm 23 for healing.

  • “When we make Jesus the lord of our life, we will lack for nothing.”
  • “Though there are seasons in life where everything is right” and we are busy, we still need rest.
  • “When Jesus is your savior, He’s going to change you; from the inside out. And, he becomes the one who saves us.”
  • “Jesus is with you always, and He will lead you to righteousness.”
  • “Faith is a muscle. Your faith cannot grow without trials. But you don’t grow on a mountaintop, you grow in the valley.”
  • “God wants to do something in you, so that you can do something through Him.”
  • “The Earth is not the be all to end all; we need to live for eternity.”
  • On the other side of tragedy, on the other side of this growth, we can become “weapons to be yielded against the kingdom of darkness. Don’t let the enemy steal your joy.”
  • “What Jesus empties, he always refills. He always restores. He always brings back.”
  • And, when that cup overflows, remember that it will “spill onto others. It is through your brokenness that you can help others.”

Blackburn reminded attendees of Ecclesiastes 3:11. “God,” he said, “makes all things beautiful in his time. When you look for God in your trials, he will show himself to you.”

He added, “Trust me on this one. He turned my story into something beautiful. And, he will for you as well.”

Blackburn then told the audience he just got engaged. The story of how he met his fiancé is a God-sized story, and one best told by Blackburn himself, so I’ve included a link to his blog about it http://daveyblackburn.com/blog/she-said-yes.

As Blackburn shared his own God-sized story, he asked everyone to look at theirs. “You have a God-sized story too. If you look for it, God is weaving a story of redemption in your life.”

Ron Shepard noted at the breakfast that it was the highest attendance yet for the annual breakfast, but he added “without our sponsors, it would not pay for itself.” If you would like to support the RVI Leadership Prayer Breakfast in 2018, call (574) 215-7173 or send an e-mail to pletproperties@frontier.com.

God Bless!





Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt has been a writer/editor for more than 25 years, working in law enforcement, aviation, supply chain and the RV industry. She's not a stranger to RVs, however. She grew up camping, and still camps as many weekends as she can every year. She is the owner of In Good Company Communications and can be reached at ingoodcompanycommunications@gmail.com.

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  • Rob Merrill says:

    As I sit on the plane returning home from Louisville, I’m scrolling through & deleting hundreds of spam emails wanting me to buy stuff during “cyber week”. It was a real blessing to open your Daily Report and read your heartfelt refections on Davey Blackburn’s testimony that he shared yesterday at the prayer breakfast. I too share your good fortune to work in an industry that allows the expression & celebration of faith at industry events. The prayer breakfast is a true blessing to attend and Davey’s story is a great reminder that our faith & character are forged on the anvil of adversity moreso than the seasons of prosperity. Thanks for your boldness to proclaim your personal faith in Jesus in this article and for calling attention to the truth of Davey’s story. Press On!

  • Ronnie says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. The prayer breakfast was a highlight for me. Love this industry!

  • Loren Hafner says:

    Was due diligence done on this speaker? Many people have suspicions about the execution of his first wife, for which no one has yet been brought to trial.

    • Sheril Vergara says:

      Please Google it and you will see the three men that were arrested and charged and are now in prison after their convictions! In fact, Davey’s future father-in-law has a prison ministry and has talked to Amanda’s killer through his ministry. I am from Indiana and all Hoosiers admire Davey’s faith and how he has come through this tragedy. The actual convicted killer was Larry Taylor, an 18 year old at the time of the crime that raped and shot her and stated that when he shot her in the head, “he watched her bleed”. It would be easy for Davey to hate this individual but he is choosing forgiveness just like Jesus forgave. So admirable! He is a true “Warrior”.

      • Loren Hafner says:

        Sheril, you are mistaken about the three burglars arrested for Amanda’s murder. Why are you spreading misinformation about incomplete justice for a brutally violent murder?

        Larry Taylor has a pretrial conference 3/28/18.
        Diano Gordon has a pretrial conference 1/26/18.
        Jalen Watson has taken a plea deal and will not be charged with murder.

        Look here for supporting FACTS:

        • Sheril Vergara says:

          It was a violent and evil act. From the time arrests were made and statements taken back in 2015, the legal process started. The arrests placed the animals in jail. Plea deal or not, not only did they face jail for their crimes, but they will also face an almighty God some day. I am thankful Pastor Davey’s future father-in-law holds a jail ministry service where they are! Again, you can follow the entire last few years of information on news threads and I would encourage you to also read Pastor Davey’s blog too.

        • Sara says:

          You go girl! I am following this case daily. There are so many discrepancies that nothing is making sense.

          We will see what happens. The ‘speaker’ bought a mini mansion with the proceeds of his late wife’s insurance settlement. There is talk that there was a possible double-indemnity put on it prior to her death. He left the door unlocked ‘to teach her a lesson’ in a known crime area, because she had lost her keys. He sold T-shirts and cupcakes at her funeral. He took out a business 2-3 months after that he named NIW (Nothing is Wasted) Serendipity LLC in order to hide the purchase of his mansion. He set up a go-fund-me while she was still warm and breathing in the hospital and refused to extend life support. He is hosting a retreat where he is charging $1600 or $1300 each for 16 (depending on single or double occupancy). He is now petitioning for online donations. Everything goes to him. The T-shirts that he sold at his wife and unborn child’s funeral said ForIndy, but not one penny went to Indy, the cause that his wife was passionate about. All funds since she lay in hospital have been funneled to him. Tell me, who calls himself a pastor and then extorts money from people and the sheep even up to today, two years later? Who does that? Not a shepherd, that’s for sure. The sheep are God’s heritage and he is exploiting them. God help him and his victims.

  • Ronnie says:

    The speaker was brought in by people who are good friends with Amanda’s family. It was an excellent presentation that ministered to many in attendance.

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