Home on the road, a domicile issue

By Margo Armstrong

To those of us living full-time in our RV and traveling from coast-to-coast, a “home” is, well, anywhere we wish. However, there are those pesky rules in the United States that demand proof of citizenship in a specific state to vote, register your vehicles, get a license to drive on the country’s roads, pay taxes and for certain citizens, receive healthcare insurance benefits.

The state in which you establish “domicile” is your home base. Legal domicile is different from “residency.” Residency is of a more temporary nature and you can have multiple residences. but only one legal domicile.

The law basically states that you are a domicile of the state where you “intend” to establish domicile. This “intent” must be proven by having “significant contacts” with that state. In other words, “intent” alone is not enough. Registering to vote can be a significant contact, although certain states have an issue with using a mail service as your address. Registering your vehicles, or obtaining a driver’s license, are other contacts that prove “domicile” intent.

The major factors to consider when picking a “domicile” are taxes (income and property), healthcare insurance, and vehicle registration costs.

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Margo Armstrong writes about the RV lifestyle at her blog found at https://movingonwithmargo.com. More information about the RV lifestyle can be found on her website at RVLifestyleExperts.com.



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