Driving school for RV owners

By Margo Armstrong

Learning a new skill is easier if you have good advice and instruction from a professional in the field. This certainly applies to a recreational vehicle. Just like learning to drive as a teenager, if you learn the skills from a professional, driving becomes a pleasure. At first the vehicle seems huge, the road too small, and navigating treacherous. As you learn the safe and easy way to make new judgements about this vehicle, driving becomes enjoyable again.

Believe it or not, most new RV owners are hesitant to climb behind the wheel of their Class A motorhome until they spend time in a driving school. I hear stories every year about people selling their motorhome and calling it quits because of the stress behind the wheel.

Even drivers of Class C and Class B+ motorhomes experience the tension until they have training. Learning to judge the length, making the corners, and simply setting their side mirrors correctly escapes their grasp without instruction. The art of backing into a small site can be learned in one day.

If you choose a fifth wheel or pull-behind trailer as a traveling companion, be confident about weight distribution, braking, and backing into strange environments. Make that first trip to a driving school near you.

Enhance your RV experience by learning the driving basics in a one-, two-, or three-day class. Life on the road becomes as relaxed and comfortable as you imagined it to be, and more.
Spending one or two days learning the basics can make all the difference in your enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. Make your first road trip directly to a driving school, or have the school come to you.

Find a driving class near you at http://rvlifestyleexperts.com/getting-started/Driving-Schools-BootCamps.htm


Margo Armstrong writes about the RV lifestyle at her blog found at https://movingonwithmargo.com. More information about the RV lifestyle can be found on her website at RVLifestyleExperts.com.


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