Xantrex and Schneider Electric empower community in Peru

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – Xantrex and Schneider Electric along with the NGO Gaia Watch travelled to Anexo Angola, a small village located 130 kilometers south of Lima, Peru.

This remote village composed of 32 families has never enjoyed access to electricity or portable water, a press release from the organization said. Mainly drawing energy from diesel-powered electric generators, the families of Anexo Angola face limited access to power due to the increasing cost of diesel in the area.

With no infrastructure in place to supply its resident with electricity, portable and renewable energy solutions were promptly identified as a viable solution to bring electricity to Anexo Angola.

Through the installation of solar panels, power conversion equipment and individual lighting systems in each of the 32 homes at Anexo Angola, Schneider Electric and Xantrex played an integral role in the provision of a sustainable, affordable and reliable environmentally friendly solution for the energy needs of Anexo Angola. This initiative, consistent with our commitment to social responsibility, impacted the lives of residents of Anexo Angola in several other ways. Although this initiative primarily brought electricity to the community, it also allowed residents to enjoy security during the night. Finally, and as proof of the positive effect of this initiative in the community, the installation of solar panels and lighting systems will permit children in the community to study at home – something they could not do prior to the initiative.

Xantrex and Schneider Electric also recognize that the benefits of this initiative should go beyond the installation of equipment for the benefit of the community. As part of this initiative, residents of the community, organized under the name Angolasol, were also invited to be trained and to learn about their solar energy, and about how to use and maintain their new equipment. Empowering of the community, as much as access to energy, propels the development of its residents.

Initiatives like this one demonstrate that access to affordable and reliable energy sources not only have a direct impact in remote and underprivileged communities, but also highlight the fact that renewable energies, such as solar energy, are at the forefront of the fight against worldwide inequalities around access to energy. The partnership model between leaders in solar and mobile power and grassroots organizations, as exemplified above, serves as a successful guide for future initiatives committed to the betterment of communities.

For more information, visit http://www.xantrex.com/about-xantrex/empoweringcommunities.aspx.

SOURCE: Xantrex press release

Darian Armer

Darian Armer

Darian Armer was the assistant editor for RV Daily Report from 2015 to 2017. She lives in Billings, Montana, where she enjoys spending time with her husband, twins and three stepchildren. Introduced to the RV industry in 2012, she is happy to be writing for one of the greatest industries around.

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