What FEMA knows, that you don’t

By Keith Shafer

UNITED STATES — What does the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) know that you don’t? That’s easy! FEMA knows that before occupying a new RV it should be inspected by a National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA) certified inspector!

When Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys last year FEMA contracted with local RV dealers to purchase travel trailers off their lots. These RVs would be home for Floridians displaced by the disaster—a place to stay while their homes were being rebuilt. Officials knew that many of these RVs, while considered new, had been sitting on lots for quite some time. RVs, like anything mechanical tend to attract gremlins and have parts cannibalized from them for units that do sell.

As a matter of safety, FEMA contacted the NRVIA asking whether they had inspectors who would be willing to go to the Keys to help hurricane victims. When the word went out to its members, the number of people willing to leave their homes and businesses to help was overwhelming.

NRVIA leadership selected several inspectors close by the disaster area and in a four-month period its inspectors helped deliver nearly 300 trailers.

As the trailers arrived they were installed on private residences where inspectors would perform an in-depth safety inspection as well as ensure all appliances were working properly. If a unit needed repairs, RV technicians would make repairs then the units were re-inspected. Once the unit passed inspections and occupants had moved in, NRVIA inspectors conducted walk-through orientations for each user.

When Hurricane Florence devastated vast portions of North Carolina FEMA contacted the NRVIA again. Stephanie Henson, director of administration for NRVIA, announced the need for inspectors, RV technicians and other support personnel on October 6 at the 5th Annual NRVIA Conference. Once again the response was overwhelming.

On Monday morning after the conference, the NRVIA leadership team flew out to North Carolina to meet with FEMA officials while inspectors and support personnel packed into their personal RVs and left the conference in Athens, Texas, for North Carolina.

Wasting no time driving to the destination to avoid Hurricane Michael, inspectors began work on Wednesday morning—four days after being notified of the need. At this point NRVIA inspectors have no idea how many trailers they will inspect, or how long they will be in North Carolina. But it doesn’t matter. They are ready to help victims get back to a normal life. They’ll stick with it until the last travel trailer is delivered.

Oh, and speaking of Hurricane Michael, if called, the NRVIA will answer that call. It’s part of  doing what we do, “Making a difference one inspection at a time.”

What does FEMA know that you don’t?

  • FEMA knows that the National RV Inspectors Association is the ONLY RV inspection association in the USA and Canada that certifies RV inspectors to perform professional-quality RV inspections.
  • FEMA knows that just because a RV comes new off a lot doesn’t mean it won’t have problems.
  • FEMA knows that RVs need to be inspected by a NRVIA Certified Inspector BEFORE families move in.

Keith Shafer retired after over 40 years of working with the US military in one way or another. When not traveling throughout the USA and Canada in a 40-foot diesel motorhome, he and his wife inspect recreation vehicles for buyers and sellers and perform mobile RV service. Even with a busy schedule, he still finds the time to write, do an occasional voice acting gigs, and is learning to paint with watercolor and ink just for fun. Shafer is working on his first novel which he hopes publish before  he is “knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door.” The above article came from his inspection website found at www.c2crvi.com. Read the original text here: http://c2crvi.com/index.php/2018/10/16/what-does-fema-know-that-you-dont/

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