Thor Industries has LEAPed into local school

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ELKHART, Ind. — Many companies have launched efforts to insinuate their training needs and offer their financial support to colleges, universities and high schools that will help them raise up the future workers they need in a labor-starved economy.

But Thor Industries CEO Bob Martin is among the few so far who have been willing to reach out to elementary schools, teachers and students to enhance appreciation for his company – and help set the stage for recruitment of some of those kids someday.

“We’re trying to look not only at today but also at tomorrow and 10 years down the road,” Martin told Chief Executive.

Read the full story from Chief Executive.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is a Wisconsin native currently living in Illinois with her husband, Eric, and two dogs, Maggie and Grace. She enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and, of course, camping in cabins and park models.

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  • Josh Foster says:

    Bob Martin might want to spend a little time making their product better and not go out looking for future buyers. I just sold a 2016 Thor Seista and took about $20K loss since we could not keep up with the lousy workmanship, 2 years to the day we left that Thor at the dealer (BYoung) and brought home a 2018 Tiffin Wayfarar, what an awesome unit, it beats the Seista at every isssue we had and check this out, the roof doesn’t leak on this one like the Thor did. Thor doesn’t give a rip about you once you sign the dotted line and they get paid. Blue Dog in Gresham Oregon had the Seista for almost 7 months out of the 24 months we had it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, do a little research on line and you’ll find numerous stories like mine. We bought brand new since I have cancer and my wife has health issues as well, Thor and Blue Dog RV cost me 2 years of aggravation and lies, Karna will be waiting for these folks. I hired an attorney and she pushed and pushed to settle, get this part, she knows the management at Thor all on a first name and phone extension basis. If I had the gumption, resources and energy I’d hire a real attorney and go to town, instead I’m buried in negativite equity on an RV we love as we go into retirement with a big payment. It’s just a bad situation that I’m left to deal with. Safe travels all!

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