The RV Show USA discusses generator types

UNITED STATES — What’s the basic “skinny” on Generators? Traditional Generators versus Inverter style Generators; which is better and why? We’ll talk RVing and RV Electricity with Mike Sokol from RV Travel.

Then, it’s Campground Chef Kate Dunbar with some Low Carb ideas for Thanksgiving and the holidays. Yum!

Next, we’ll talk with PPL Motorhomes’ Diana LeBlanc-Link about RVing during the Holidays and we’ll tackle the question: “Which is better?

The traditional turkey cooked in the oven? Or Cajun style (deep fried)? What do you think?

In Hour Two, we’ll visit with a family who’s struggling with how to deal with a new Motor Home that Camping World sold to the 84-year old matriarch of a Missouri family; when the family claims she was unable to even drive it. To make matters worse, the woman passed away shortly after its purchase. Who is in the right? Camping World or the Family? We’ll discuss the story and let Listeners decide.

As always, those who work in the RV Industry are invited to call in and be a part of the program to provide insight from the Industry’s perspective.

It’s the most educational and entertaining program about RVing, Camping and the RV Lifestyle. It’s also the Number One Nationally Syndicated Radio Show about RVing; hosted by Alan Warren, your RV Wingman.

The Live Stream of tonight’s show begins at 7pm CT. The show will then be distributed nationally via SRN Radio to The RV Show USA affiliate Stations for air this coming Saturday and Sunday.

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Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt has been a writer/editor for more than 25 years, working in law enforcement, aviation, supply chain and the RV industry. She's not a stranger to RVs, however. She grew up camping, and still camps as many weekends as she can every year. She is the owner of In Good Company Communications and can be reached at

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