SEMA Show to host Battle of the Builders

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. — More than 125 vehicle builders and car customizers have been entered into the first-ever SEMA Battle of the Builders competition taking place at SEMA Ignited Nov. 7. The builders represent an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated extreme talent, creativity and craftsmanship in modifying cars, trucks and SUVs.

Editors of leading automotive magazines – Sam Du from Super Street, David Freiburger from Hot Rod, and Fred Williams from Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road – will select the Top 10 builders, who will be announced at the SEMA Show Nov. 4.  These 10 finalists will then judge one another and vote to determine who will be named the ultimate winner in the 2014 SEMA Battle of the Builders.

The competition is the foundation for a nationwide television special that will be filmed at the inaugural SEMA Ignited, an event taking place after the trade-only SEMA Show closes Nov. 7 from 4 to 10 p.m. Hundreds of vehicles will exit the Las Vegas Convention Center after the SEMA Show and make their way to the LINQ near the strip in Las Vegas, where SEMA Ignited will be taking place. They will join exhibitors, products and celebrities from the SEMA Show at the LINQ, along with food trucks, music and entertainment.

While the SEMA Show is a trade show that is not open to the general public, SEMA Ignited is open to consumers and allows attendees a chance to preview many of the industry’s latest in automotive accessories on many of the 2014 SEMA Show vehicles that were on display during the 2014 SEMA Show week.

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The builders participating in SEMA Battle of the Builders are:

  • Bobby Alloway
  • Gordon Aram
  • Ali Arsham
  • Robert Atkins
  • Jim Bassett
  • Bob Bertelsen
  • Ryan Bollens
  • Dave Brower
  • Ernie Bunnell
  • Larry Burchett
  • Steven Burkett
  • Bruce Canepa
  • Chris Carlson
  • Steve Carpenter
  • Danny Carroll
  • Jason Cenora
  • Pete Chapouris
  • John Cole
  • Complete Customs
  • Brian Deegan
  • Dave Doetsch
  • Dale Dondale
  • Rick Dore
  • Caleb Drennen
  • Chloe Eady
  • Jason Engel
  • Ndubisi Ezerioha
  • Mike Filion
  • Edward Fitzgerald
  • Kelly Fromm
  • Dimitrios Fuskandrakis
  • Leif’s Garage
  • Paul Garcia
  • Grant George
  • James Gill
  • Talbert Goldman
  • Jonathan Goolsby
  • Josh Govenor
  • Charles Grubb
  • Max Grundy
  • Timothy Haase
  • Steve Hale
  • Michael Hamrick
  • Frank Hansen
  • Jared Hare
  • Richard Harrison
  • Mitch Henderson
  • Josh Henning
  • Chad Hill
  • TJ Hill
  • Ralph Holguin
  • Chris Holstrom
  • Marcel Horn
  • Aaron Hubins
  • George Huisman
  • Amber Huneycutt
  • Robert Jackson
  • Bobby Johnson
  • Jason Jones
  • Steve Kelley
  • Jeffery Kesterson
  • Dieter-Heinz Kijora
  • Dave Kindig
  • Chris King
  • Jeff Kinsey
  • Troy Ladd
  • Dave Lane
  • JF Launier
  • Dave Lightner
  • Dan Long
  • Andrew Lowe
  • Joe Lutz
  • Jeff Maldonado
  • Chris Mangum
  • Maverick Mann-Brice
  • Duane Mayer
  • Greg McCallum
  • Lonnie McCurry
  • Blake Meaux
  • Jonathan Mill
  • Cam Miller
  • Nate Miller
  • Jeremy Miranda
  • Rod Nielsen
  • George Ortiz
  • Mark Osmundson
  • Jeff Page
  • Craig Paisley
  • Cris Payne
  • Josh Peavler
  • Preston Peebles
  • Murray Pfaff
  • Kurt Pfitzner
  • Samuel Piazza
  • Scott Poncher
  • Mike and Jim Ring
  • Chris Ross
  • Tyler Scarfe
  • Jordan Schultz
  • Casey Scranton
  • Mike Self
  • Randy Sharpe
  • Brandon Sisco
  • Poison Spyder
  • Mark Stielow
  • Steve Strope
  • Bodie Stroud
  • Alessandro Taltassori
  • Roger Tessman
  • Michael Thompson
  • Greg Thurmond
  • Gene Marcel Tjin
  • Neil Tjin
  • John Toca
  • Kim Tremelling
  • Filip Trojanek
  • Kyle Tucker
  • Aaron Vaccar
  • Armando Verdugo
  • Kenny Vinces
  • Harry Wagner
  • Brad Ward
  • Jonathan Ward
  • John Wargo
  • Randy Weaver
  • Dan Woods
  • Mitchell Yow
  • Mark Zarate

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Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber

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