Perrett shares trends in direct mail for RV dealerships

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Direct Mail Systems Inc. (DMS) and Jay Perrett, an RV industry veteran of 21 years in direct mail marketing and sales serving RV dealerships, share some trends for direct mail in 2018:

1) Choose your colors wisely. Color is everything and should be chosen based on the type of event you plan to have. Your choice of color can make or break your design. Colors have the power to change our mood. If you want to look “resourceful”, go with blues and oranges; yellow is “playful”, pink is “discrete”, and gold is “sophisticated.” If you want to reach a diverse crowd, go with “rosy tones” that embrace many different people and cultures.

2) Keep direct mail design simple and straightforward. The world is filled with digital chaos. Customers want honesty and simplicity. Minimalism is the way forward: an image with a clear and elegant purpose will prevail. Keep text short and to the point. Maximize white space and find a layout that’s simple, clean and authentic. Less is more.

3) Use enhanced data to target the right people. Technology is available to target RV owners pre-qualified to purchase an RV. Your prospect list should always be fresh to ensure you are placing your products and services in front of the right people. More and more companies are targeting their direct mail to existing customers, sending them rewards, discounts and coupons to encourage future sales. If you have an existing customer database, this is one of the single most rewarding direct mail tactics out there.

Direct mail is highly targeted, highly personal and should be a hugely successful part of your marketing plan. “We make the process simple with the list, print and mail and provide a high return for our customers,” said Perrett. “RV dealers want cost-effective marketing programs that deliver a high return on investment and build brand loyalty. My work is dedicated to your business, your brand and your audience. I’m a strategic thinker passionate about providing cost-effective direct marketing solutions for RV dealers. I enjoy creating, crafting and exploring all the possibilities with you and your dealership.”

“As soon as we established a reasonable date for the Open House, I have to say, you (Jay) made this entire campaign extremely easy for us. We’ve done mailers in the past and it’s been a nightmare. Because of that, I felt like this was going to be like the others. Instead, you communicated with me and Wendy (art director) and were able to include all the bullets we had come up with. Also, the samples you sent over arrived today. I had printed out the final proof Wendy sent me onto a piece of 11×17 brochure paper to get an idea of what it would look like, but it didn’t even compare to the actual piece. They look great! Thanks for sending those samples over, Jay.” Carolina Coach RV

“Jay has promoted our events for many years – printing and mailing targeted campaigns to qualified RV owners. We have been happy with the results and value Jay and his team. They make the process simple and effective.” Gayle Kline RV

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SOURCE: Direct Mail Systems press release


Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt has been a writer/editor for more than 25 years, working in law enforcement, aviation, supply chain and the RV industry. She's not a stranger to RVs, however. She grew up camping, and still camps as many weekends as she can every year. She is the owner of In Good Company Communications and can be reached at

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