Parallax Power Supply releases the 4400TAW

Parallax Power Supply releases the 4400TAW Wireless upgrade kit for use with all TempAssure Parallax Converters. The 4400TAW was specifically designed for the Aftermarket, it significantly reduces installation times. The 4400TAW communicates 4 times a second between the battery and the converter charger to give true real time multistage temperature compensated battery charging.

TempAssure converter chargers are designed to correctly charge batteries and eliminate gassing and boiling. TempAssure technology provides optimal battery charging under ANY temperature condition whether extreme or not.

What is the TempAssure distinction?

  • TempAssure was developed in response to the weakness in typical “Smart” chargers.
  • TempAssure converter charger feature true Multistage temperature compensated battery charging.
  • TempAssure equipped converters are the only converter systems on the market that can adjust voltage to the batteries based on temperature in real time.
  • TempAssure was designed with a 4-hour boost mode capped to 14.4 volts followed by a float mode as low as 13 volts.
  • TempAssure features 14 distinct charging voltages that are determined by temperature.
  • TempAssure delivers less battery maintenance, longer battery life, and better performance out of your batteries!
  • Temperature Compensated Charging is recommended by every major battery manufacturer!

The 4400TAW along with the 440TAU are available to be installed into following:

  • 4400 Series Deckmount Converters
  • 5400 Series Deckmount Converters
  • 5300 Series Power Centers
  • 8300 Series Power Centers

And Replacement units:

  • 6345RU
  • 45RU
  • 55RU
  • 355R

In the RV world there is always something new coming, and Parallax is staying on the front lines of new product designs. Experience what Parallax can do for you! Go to our website,

SOURCE: Parallax press release


Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

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